In this article we review some of the best crypto sportsbooks to have ever offered NFL wagers in order to educate our readers about them, so they might find one that best suits their late season American Football wagering requirements.

Cloudbet sportsbook

Three Bitcoin Sportsbooks for NFL Playoffs Betting


This weekend we’ll be headed into what is already Week 13 of the NFL, which means playoffs season (and then the Super Bowl) is just around the corner. If you consider yourself an NFL gambler of sorts and want to get in on the action while the getting is still hot, there’s no reason to wait until later to find a bitcoin sportsbook that will satisfy your wants and needs. There’s still plenty of time to bet on the remaining 4 weeks of regular season games, wild card weeks, playoffs, and of course, the Super Bowl. You also still have time to make a Super Bowl pick right now, with the odds currently heavily favoring the New England Patriots.

It can be said that later season games are more fun to wager on; after all, they are more crucial to determining playoff placement, and a team has had a chance to establish itself so those watching from the outside can have an idea of what to expect when watching them perform. With Week 13 starting today, it’s still anyone’s season, as no teams have yet clinched playoff spots (though one team has been eliminated: the Cincinnati Bengals, with a 0-11 season). For your easy reference, here are 3 of our very favorite crypto sportsbooks that we will be comparing:

Below we present to you the spreads and payouts for some upcoming games (and Super Bowl winner odds) so you can get an idea of which of the below-listed bitcoin sportsbook might be best suited for you. Here, you can compare the odds for the same event as listed by each casino, to get a taste of the overround being collected by the house for each one. Before getting started, we should also mention that these 3 bitcoin casinos are long-established operations and some of the biggest names in the crypto gambling industry. We put our full trust in them to treat you right, as delivering excellent customer service and taking good care of their users’ funds is what has helped them to establish such a top-notch reputation across their several years in the business.

Event #1: San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens (Sunday, Dec 1st, 1:00 pm EST)

This is an important matchup as two of the best teams in the league square off against each other with hopes of helping to cement their respective playoff berths. With a line of -5.5 Baltimore, the current odds for each team in each of our 3 sportsbooks currently stand as follows (with the casino offering the best odds of the 3 in bold):


Event #2: Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday, Dec 1st, 1:00 pm EST)

In what is looking to be the closest contest of the week and with a spread of Cleveland -2.5, this matchup between two division rivals is a rematch of a game that happened just 2 weeks previous, with the Browns coming out on top, 21-7. It is the first home game against the Browns in which the Steelers are the underdog team since 1989, even if it is only by two and a half points. This is what our 3 books currently offer for this game with -2.5 Cleveland:


Event #3: Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks (Monday, Dec 2nd, 8:15 pm EST)

Monday Night Football’s game for Week 13 pits two cold weather teams against one another who are also both vying to clinch playoff spots. Both are high-ranking teams in their respective divisions, and while Seattle trails San Francisco by only a single game in their division, Minnesota’s record is tied with Green Bay, for 1st place in theirs. Here is what our 3 books have for this game with a line of -2.5 Seattle:


As you can see, FortuneJack manages to win out in each of the 3 competitions by taking less of a house cut than its competitors. It manages to do this by already having an absolutely huge bankroll and not having point spreads with whole numbers. All FortuneJack NFL games have half-point spreads, which unlike Cloudbet and Nitrogensports, cannot be rounded up or down according to your personal preference. This means that while they indeed offer the best odds to their customers, those looking for a bit more flexibility over control of their bet might prefer one of the other two books.

Now you are armed a bit of knowledge about what to expect as far as 3 of our favorite bitcoin sportsbooks has to offer its NFL fans, which can hopefully help you to decide on which of the above you might want go with to support your late season, playoff and Super Bowl bets.