In this article we present a few suggestions on how to make your crypto casino slots experience not only more enjoyable but last longer as well. These tried-and-true tips are a combination of those collected from players of brick-and-mortar casinos and slots designed especially for the crypto gambling era.

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7 Tips for Playing Crypto Casino Slots Games

The latest generation of crypto casino slot machine games is more enticing than ever. They deliver comparably high odds of winning (otherwise known as return to player, or RTP), stunning graphics, and a level of addictiveness just not experienced in brick-and-mortar slot machine games. It is easy to play until your balance is all the way gone in a single setting, while the game somehow manages to convince you that you are winning as you are actually losing, as they are designed to do exactly that. Nevertheless, some people do incur giant-sized wins which can equate to a week or even a year’s salary, and in some extremely rare instances, even more.

The thrill of potentially receiving a massive payout for doing nothing other than clicking a button is indeed addicting, which is what keeps gamblers coming back time and again, whether it be in real life casinos or crypto casinos all the same. After all, the best payout you can receive in games with the fairest odds, such as Blackjack, is only 1.5x the size of your best. Slots blow these returns out of the water, regularly featuring returns of 100x to 1,000x. Of course, your odds of winning are significantly less, and there really is no such thing as a “professional slots gambler.” The house edge will always win out in the end, after all that’s how crypto casinos make their money and remain in business.

However, there are certain techniques you can use to your advantage to prolong your slots gambling experience and thereby increase the number of chances you have at winning that big payout. Of course, an actual professional gambler would say the greatest tip of all when it comes to playing slots is “don’t do it,” but if you want to pass some time playing slots with your hard-earned crypto and are looking for ways to maximize your potential gains while doing so, here are a few pointers to take into consideration.

  1. Find slots with above-average RTPs. In a previous article we discussed how to locate slots with particularly generous odds. An RTP (or “return to player”) is the expected amount to be won from a slot on average, across a certain number of spins. Although actual results can vary tremendously from user to user and session to session, generally speaking, slots with higher RTPs will drain your money slower than those with lower RTPs. An average RTP for a crypto slot is around 96%. Find games with RTPs higher than this to extend your playing experience. You can do this by doing a Google search of “(Game Title) bitcoin slot RTP”. As a rule of thumb, a good RTP is anywhere above 97%, and a bad RTP is anywhere below 95%.
  2. Don’t get caught up in the expectation of being “due for a win”. While the phenomena of “cold streaks” and “hot streaks” certainly do exist, the outcome of each spin is totally random and not dependent on the results of previous spins. Regardless of how long you have gone without a winning spin, you are never statistically “due” for a win. Think of it as rolling dice: regardless of how long you have been waiting for a certain result to appear, it is no more or less likely to appear than it was the roll before it, and the roll before that, etc. Just as dice have no memory of what has been previously rolled, the software behind slots games operates in the same fashion.
  3. Don’t play Jackpot slots games. Jackpot games usually have significantly lower RTPs than other slots, and the odds of winning the jackpot are so slim that they are almost non-existent. Nevertheless, the enticement of a massive, potentially life-changing payout is too great of a draw for some to resist. If you find yourself in this category, make sure you are betting enough to qualify for the jackpot, which usually requires betting the maximum. Betting in low amounts on a jackpot or progressive jackpot is one of the most surefire ways to lose your coins quickly, as you will be playing on a low RTP slot with zero chance of actually winning the jackpot.
  4. Take part in cash back on losses programs. This can be a great way to recoup some money and make your crypto last just a little bit longer. Many casinos offer 20-25% back on your losses provided your playing habits meet certain criteria. One such program offered by FortuneJack will give you up to 20% back on your losses at the end of each month if you deposit at least 0.1 BTC (or its altcoin equivalent) during the course of the month. This type of bonus doesn’t have any rollover requirements, which means you don’t have to gamble your cashback a certain amount of times before it is eligible for withdrawal.
  5. Don’t participate in bonuses with rollover requirements. While deposit bonuses are a nice way to get some “free” coins, they almost always come with a “rollover requirement.” This means that before you can actually withdrawal your bonus BTC, you must wager it a certain amount of times first (usually between 30x and 50x). This frequently means that not only will you lose your entire bonus amount but the amount of your initial deposit, as well. Instead, look for “no deposit” bonus offerings and take advantage of those.
  6. Make goals for your balance and stick with them. This includes making goals for both wins and losses. If you make a goal to stop when you run out of coins, then stick to the plan and don’t deposit additional funds. Gambling addiction is just as real as any other sort of addiction and can be incredibly costly to your own personal welfare if you can’t control yourself. Going in the other direction: if you are sitting on a decent pile of profit and want to retain it, set a “stop loss” for yourself similar to how you would when making a trade. Promise yourself to cash out if you should go down to a certain stopping point to assuredly retain some of your winnings.
  7. Play at a trustworthy casino. There are literally a hundred different options out there when it comes to crypto casinos, and it is important to deposit your coins only in those that have proven themselves to be trustworthy. It might seem like a no-brainer but making the wrong choice can cost you everything, regardless of whatever winnings have appeared in your account balance. Here at Coin Clarity we’ve seen a lot of crypto casinos come and go over the years. We know that certain casinos stay in business for good reason: they are highly trusted by their customer base. Good, customer-oriented casinos know that trust is of the utmost importance in their industry, which is why they have managed to succeed in the long run where so many others have failed. We have no problem recommending any of the following choices to you as we think these particular operations are most deserving of your business:

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