What if it was easier to create AI? Koios AI is democratizing Artificial Intelligence for the global consumer. Very simply put, Koios provides a highly distributed, planet-scale ecosystem of products to accelerate AI development, eliminating potential barriers to entry for all. AI can be expensive to create and difficult to fund, that is why Koios’s wants to allow users to develop, purchase, and deploy AI worldwide.

How does Koios work?

Koios is a decentralized platform made up of three main components:

The AI Lab is where AI content is born. Developers have access to an entire library of base algorithms, data sets and tools built by AI experts from all over the globe. The lab serves to accelerate the creation of AI by democratizing the resources needed to build it.

The Titan Protocol is a place where everyday users can rent out their devices’ computing power to the platform to earn the Koios cryptocurrency. Developers can then use this decentralized computing grid to participate.

The Neural Network is where everyday users can gain access to AI through an easy-to-use marketplace. This network serves to monetize, host and deploy trained Machine Learning Models across all verticals and use cases.

Using these three main subsections of the platform, Koios will be able to build an AI community based on accessibility and innovation. The need for a distributed computing grid, collaborative ecosystem, and marketplace for AI has become very apparent. Koios proves themselves to be a capable agent for successfully employing blockchain to allow for the secure development, trade, and storage for AI content.

Want to find out more about how to participate in Koios AI’s crowdsale?

Visit Koios AI’s Coin Clarity Listing or Koios AI’s website.