In normal cryptocurrency fashion, Bitcoin made an abrupt move. This time it moved up. I’m always fascinated with the way that price moves and follows the market geometry and natural construction based on time and momentum. A great many cryptocurrency pairs went burst right back into or above new angles and have generated some positive buy signals.



I’d wait until we cross back above towards the 3.25 zone, but the entry at 3.30 would give enough credence that the angle will hold as support, there are a couple of target areas ahead and we have limited risk on this trade.

Entry: 3.30

Stop @ 2.82

1st Target: 3.60

2nd Target: 3.8




WAVES is also entering a terrific buy zone above an angle.

Entry: 6.806

Stop:  5.85

Target: 8.316




A beautiful example of price treating market geometry with respect. We are in a very open and expansive zone here and so the drive up to the next angle will be… really high up there. Limited risk on this trade.

Entry: 1.50

Stop: 1.36.39

Target: 177.2