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Amanda Razani

How to Keep Your Bitcoin Secure

Earlier this week, a bitcoin mining service had $64 million in cryptocurrency stolen, further reason for skeptics to continue their distrust of digital currency. With this happening, people on the…

With Bitcoin Prices Rising, Here’s What You Need To Know To Be In The Loop

In the world of crypto currency, Bitcoin is at the top, with the price of one Bitcoin surging over the exciting $10,000 mark on Monday, and continuing to swiftly rise….

Bitcoin Price Surges Up $3000 in 24 Hours. But What Can You Actually Do With It?

Bitcoin is steadily rising in value, by the hour, having already exceeding $17,000 $18,000 $19,000 per coin, and there is a lot of hubbub about it hitting the futures markets within…

News For Newbies: Beginning Our Journey

Editor’s note: Welcome to the beginning of the Crypto News For Newbies series on Coin Clarity. In this series, Amanda Razani will present the often (always) confusing and overwhelming world…