Are a bitcoin and baseball fan? In this article we review some pointers for choosing a solid, dependable bitcoin or crypto sportsbook, providing you with 3 excellent options while comparing their odds offered for the first game of the MLB World Series.


Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks for the 2019 MLB World Series

It’s that time of year again when Major League Baseball fans get ready to watch the World Series. The annual competition between the National and American League champions has been ongoing since 1903 and is regarded as one of the most American things about the United States. Last year, around 14.3 million viewers tuned in each game to watch the Houston Astros take on, and eventually defeat, the Washington Nationals in a controversial World Series marred by a cheating scandal in which the Astros were learned to have engaged in a sign-stealing scheme.

The first game of this year’s World Series is scheduled to kick off on in October 2020, which means the time is perfect to find a top crypto sportsbook on which to place your bets. Here at Coin Clarity we take pride in offering only the best crypto casinos and sportsbooks to our readers. In this article we will compare what the current odds are for the first game of the series among some of crypto’s top sportsbooks in order to get an idea of which ones offer the highest returns, regardless of the team on which you end up placing a bet. First, let’s review some items important to your crypto wagering experience before getting started.

In addition to the overround (the mathematical formula to describe a bookmaker’s profit margin), here are some factors you will want to take into consideration before depositing your crypto at any sportsbook:

  • Do they allow U.S.-based residents and IPs? If you are an MLB fan, there’s a good chance that you are an American. If you are residing in the U.S., you will want to find a sportsbook that will accept your crypto. If you deposit your crypto to a sportsbook that doesn’t allow U.S. residents, it’s usually no biggie, and they can usually send it right back to you. But of course it’s good not to have to weather through this mistake in the first place.
  • What coins do they accept? There still isn’t a remarkable amount of coin adoption in the crypto casino industry. Many sportsbooks are BTC-only, some accept two or three coins, and others accept many more.
  • What are the deposit conditions and withdrawal fees? Does the sportsbook you like have a minimum deposit amount? Do they have a withdrawal fee? The answer to the first question is often “yes,” in that you can deposit any amount into your account at one time, but your balance will only reflect your deposits after they cross a minimum threshold. These days, more and more sportsbooks are offering zero-fee withdrawals, a practice which is quickly becoming the standard.
  • Are they trustworthy? As we mentioned earlier, we will only be listing sportsbook operations in this thread that we find to be particularly trustworthy. They have all been around for a number of years and have established themselves as providing some of the best customer service in the business; therefore we have no problem recommending them, and strongly recommend sticking to them when placing sports bets.

Here are a few of our top sportsbooks that are offering MLB World Series bets, along with some basic information to help you decide which one is right for you:

FortuneJack Sportsfotrunejack casino logo

  • FortuneJack Casino review
  • Founded: casino: 2014, sportsbook: 2019
  • Coins accepted: BTC
  • Accepts U.S. players: Yes
  • Minimum deposit / withdrawal: 0.001 BTC
  • Withdrawal fee: Free

FortuneJack has been around for over five years, during which time they have proven themselves as one of the most trusted, responsible and user-friendly crypto casinos around. They only got around to introducing their sportsbook (named “Sports” as a menu option) this year, but it has already become a smash success, thanks to its comparatively favorable odds and low “juice” for the house (the same thing as having a low overround). They also have a few novel betting features, such as an early cashout option that lets you close an ongoing bet that you are currently winning for a small fee. On top of this, they offer a chance to win a free bet after losing, among other lucrative sportsbook-related bonuses.

Click here to get started betting at FortuneJack now.



  • Cloudbet Casino review
  • Founded: 2013
  • Coins accepted: BTC, BCH
  • Accepts U.S. players: No
  • Minimum deposit / withdrawal: 0.001 BTC
  • Withdrawal fee: varies, currently 0.0002712 BTC
  • Odds for Game 1
    • Upcoming

Founded as a sportsbook in 2013, Cloudbet has been around for longer than almost all its competitors and knows how to run a tight ship. Their user interface is a bit simpler than most which makes it easy to navigate your way around betting options. Cloudbet also offers an incredibly low minimum bet of 10 satoshis (0.0000001 BTC), while most others have minimums at least 100 to 1,000 times higher. They also cater to the high-rolling, serious bettor crowd, accepting wagers up to 5 BTC on some events. Cloudbet’s overround is a bit higher than FortuneJack for the first World Series game, but they are still a pretty competitive option and worth checking out due to their ease of use and fast withdrawal processing times.

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  • NitrogenSports review
  • Founded: 2012
  • Coins accepted: BTC
  • Accepts U.S. players: Yes
  • Minimum deposit / withdrawal: 0.0001 / .001 BTC
  • Withdrawal fee: 1 free withdrawal each week
  • Odds for Game 1
    • Upcoming

The longest-standing name in the bitcoin sportsbook game, Nitrogensports has endured all the ups and downs imaginable within the crypto gambling industry. While it may not be as popular now as years past due to ever-increasing competition, it is still a solid option and deserves our full recommendation. With minimum bets of 0.0001 BTC and maximum bets of 5 BTC, Nitrogensports caters to every type of sports gambler, small and big. As operating as a sportsbook has always been their primary focus, they know what they are doing and how to run a smooth operation. In addition, their overround is extremely competitive for the first World Series matchup, making them a great MLB sportsbook option.

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