Best Crypto Exchange Mobile Apps

Long gone are the days of bulky white plastic monitors and streams of market data flying out of printers. Nowadays, most traders engage with the markets while sitting on their sofa or commuting.

Most modern traders prefer trading from their mobile device rather than their laptop to track prices, capitalize on market movements, and move their funds at once — all from the palm of their hands. Interestingly, not all cryptocurrency exchanges offer a mobile application, Uniswap is one example, and other exchanges only offer a mobile app, like We’ve rounded up the best ones below.

Ranking methodology – How we decided which exchanges to consider

Our Top-Ranked Mobile App Crypto Exchanges

If you like to dabble in cryptocurrencies and you’re looking for a mobile trading suite that fits your needs, Binance is it. Whether you’re using Binance on the web to buy and sell crypto or not, the trading app can stand alone and support you independently. Note that Binance is ideal for quick and small trades on the go and not for big market movements.

Quick Look

  • Best mobile app for casual traders
  • iOS app store rating: 4.7 & 36,000+ reviews
  • Google Play store rating: 4.1 & 124,000 reviews
  • Portfolio viewer – Excellent portfolio manager with PnL analysis (profit and loss)
  • 346 cryptocurrencies & 1157 market pairs

From within the app, you can:

  • Deposit fiat or crypto
  • Buy and sell dozens of cryptocurrencies
  • Invest in the launchpad (support new projects).
  • Look at market performance for all cryptocurrencies or your favorites
  • Stake your crypto to earn interest
  • Open a Binance savings account
  • Set price alerts for the crypto you hold or are interested in getting
  • P2P trading
  • Trade cryptocurrencies using over 1,100 market pairs
  • Engage in margin trading and futures trading
  • Check your wallets and portfolio – there’s no need for an additional wallet app
  • Connect to Copy Trading APIs (like Trade Mate) and other crypto trading apps (like Binance Vanilla)

What can’t you do?

  • Deep analysis on a coin.
  • Access the full range of charting instruments available on the website

If you’ve got a smartphone and $5, you’re halfway towards opening an account with Gemini. As is typical of crypto exchanges, you will need to do KYC checks first, which means submitting a lot of personal information, identification (like scans of a passport or driving license), and even banking information (few apps will ask this, but Gemini insists). 

Quick Look

  • iOS app store rating: 4.8 & 47,000+ reviews
  • Google Play store rating: 4.5 & 16,000+ reviews
  • Portfolio viewer – Aimed at beginners, day traders, and institutions alike, resulting in a globally accessible and logical user dashboard and portfolio area
  • 40 cryptocurrencies and 60 trading pairs with low trading fees for crypto-to-crypto transactions

Once you get past the initial hurdle of signing up, what you’re going to find is an ultra-professional cryptocurrency app that makes buying and selling Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, wholly enjoyable. This ease of use and impressive UI/UX is why beginner traders and multinational corporations both see Gemini as a safe bet. Another reason is the security. Few apps or cryptocurrency exchanges can boast as clean a security record as Gemini, which has never been hacked and offers insurance on their held funds in any case. This is because the founders were massively concerned with other exchanges suffering hacks and exploits, so they wanted to create a service with a security-first mentality. 

What other features are held in high regard?

  • Earn interest on specific cryptocurrencies through Gemini Earn.
  • Price alerts and recurring buys can be used to support your trading strategy.
  • Linking your bank account is easy and allows you to make instant purchases.
  • Fiat currency deposits are made available to trade immediately, even before the money has been cleared into Gemini’s account.
  • Passcodes, biometrics, 2FA, and more are all used to key your account safe and secure.
  • Apple Watch users have a special Wear OS application for trading with Gemini.
  • Gemini’s management has been working hard to expand the fiat currency services beyond just USD, making it a more attractive international platform for those with Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Great British Pound Sterling, Euros, Hong Kong Dollars, and Singapore Dollars.

Are there any downsides?

  • A smaller range of cryptocurrencies than their rivals.
  • Asks for more personal information than other cryptocurrency apps.
  • Gemini keeps control of your private keys, meaning the crypto is never entirely yours to hold.

If you have zero cryptocurrencies and you’d like to enter the crypto world through your mobile device, Coinbase is the best on-ramp for this financial revolution. Around 40 million other mobile users would agree. Coinbase is about as close to becoming a household name in crypto as it comes, so you can be sure that the ultra-friendly app will not overwhelm or confuse you. The aim of their game is simplicity and making crypto-purchases feel like online shopping.

Quick Look

  • Best mobile app for beginners 
  • iOS app store rating: 4.7 & 1m reviews
  • Google Play store rating: 4.4 & 350,000+ reviews
  • Portfolio viewer – Simplest and easiest to understand for novices
  • Coinbase has been growing its brokerage service and now offers around 50 cryptocurrencies to buy, sell, and trade
  • Offers a secondary mobile application called Coinbase Pro, which offers lower fees, 53 cryptocurrencies, and 156 market pairs
  • There’s also a tertiary app, the Coinbase Wallet app, a highly secure place to keep your coins and which also acts as a Dapp browser

What can you do?

  • Anything you can do on the website, you can do on the app or the mobile browsing site.
  • You can see your portfolio and make educated trading decisions.
  • Buy, sell, or trade over 50 cryptocurrencies, however, Coinbase is not particularly cheap for purchases nor trades.
  • Connect to the Coinbase Pro app and gain access to all funds on both.
  • KYC checks can be done through your phone and most countries will have access to either debit card or credit card transactions.
  • Send or request Bitcoin from accepting merchants.
  • Stake cryptocurrencies to earn rewards.

What can’t you do?

  • Trade with other users like on most exchanges, only with Coinbase at 2% per trade.
  • A custodial wallet means you don’t have control of your private keys.
  • You can’t find a huge selection of cryptocurrencies and emerging altcoins to profit on.

Coin Clarity’s Sleeper Pick

The Wooden Spoon (an Application to Avoid)

Voyager – US only (except NY)

  • iOS app store rating: 4.8 & 31,000+ reviews
  • Google Play store rating: 3.4 & 2,600+ reviews
  • It claims to have no fees or commissions but adds a spread of up to 3% to most coins, so if you buy a coin and later sell it, you lose up to 6%
  • High crypto withdrawal fees
  • Voyager is prone to losing people’s cryptocurrency
  • Cannot trade crypto-to-crypto, only fiat-to-crypto or crypto-to-fiat, making it a less useful and more expensive version of Coinbase
  • Poorly kept secret that they pay for app store reviews, most of which make for painful reading, and are there to try and hide all the honest one-star reviews from actual users. Are they the only startup paying for fake reviews? No. Are they good at it, though? Also, no.

What have we learned?

  • Binance is the best crypto mobile app for the average trader engaging with Bitcoin and altcoins.
  • Gemini is a great option for just about any trader who wants a highly rated app with low trading fees.
  • Since Binance isn’t for US users, Kraken Pro presents the best mobile experience for regular traders. Kraken’s standard application also offers a solid experience.
  • Coinbase is the ultimate crypto trading app for those with no previous crypto knowledge, but it might not be so good in the long run.
  • Voyager should be avoided.

Good luck out there.

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