In this article we present to you a carefully-crafted selection of crypto casinos that not only accept Dogecoin but offer a wide variety of slot machine games as well, helping you to get the most out of your DOGE gambling experience.


Best Dogecoin Casinos for Playing Slots in 2020

With minute-long block times and extremely cheap transaction fees, Dogecoin (DOGE) is an ideal coin when it comes to crypto casino gambling. It is cheap, plentiful, and easy to move around, which makes it one of the most popular coins for gambling. Launched as a “joke” by developer Jackson Palmer in late 2013 to demonstrate how easy it was for anyone to create a cryptocurrency, Dogecoin has evolved into much more than that over the course of its existence, now having a dedicated, worldwide following and a market cap in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

It would be easy to assume that a coin based around a meme wouldn’t have the legs to go the distance in the highly-competitive, highly-populated cryptocurrency industry, but Dogecoin has continued to make a name for itself over the years and stand out among the rest. This is largely thanks to its advantageous properties (fast confirmation times, cheap transaction fees) and a devout community that continues to build an ecosystem and infrastructure around it. As DOGE has become a staple in the cryptocurrency arena, it has also a commonly-accepted coin at some top crypto casinos.

We will now present a selection of the best DOGE-accepting casino options for those who particularly enjoy playing the slots. All of these casinos have a few qualities in common that help them stand out from the rest: they are highly trusted, have responsive customer support, user-friendly interfaces, and offer their players tremendous bonuses. In 2020, there are hundreds of crypto casinos to choose from, but the four mentioned below are among the very best in the business, perfect for Dogecoin gambling enthusiasts.

fotrunejack casino logo#1. FortuneJack

Out of all the crypto casinos around, FortuneJack is our very favorite, and for good reason: they run a smooth, trustworthy operation, have been in the business for longer than most, and offer a massive selection of games (this includes hundreds of different slots). FortuneJack offers their players a seamless gameplay experience, instant deposits and withdrawals, as well as grade A, 24/7 customer service. They also accept Dogecoin as a deposit option. They do not have a minimum deposit amount, and the minimum withdrawal amount of DOGE is the equivalent of 0.004 BTC (which is roughly 15,000 DOGE as of the writing of this article). FortuneJack has divided their slots up into 4 different categories: Classic Slots, Video Slots, 3D Slots, and Jackpots. As far as Dogecoin-accepting casinos are concerned, you will probably not find a bigger game selection than at FortuneJack.

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mbit casino#2. mBit Casino

Another favorite among Dogecoin gamblers is mBit Casino. Founded in 2014, mBit Casino offers their players an extremely intuitive navigation system, a pleasing graphic layout, and hundreds of slot games to choose from. What helps set them apart from other casinos is an extremely lucrative array of bonuses which are open to players both new and old. Some of these bonuses include deposit bonuses, free spin bonuses, loss-back bonuses and tournament bonuses. The more DOGE a player gambles, the bigger their bonuses become. For high rollers, mBit Casino’s VIP program is probably the best in the crypto casino industry, offering a tremendous selection of rewards not matched by any other casino.  The minimum deposit for Dogecoin is 0.01 DOGE and there does not seem to be any minimum requirements for withdrawal, other than playing the deposited amount 3x over (this is pretty standard for any crypto casino). As far as slot machine games are concerned, mBit Casino’s selection is unbeatable: they currently have over 800 different games to choose from, meaning players will never get bored perusing through their seemingly unending selection of slots.

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BitcoinPenguin logo#3. BitcoinPenguin

Though not as often talked about as the other two selections previously mentioned, BitcoinPenguin has also been around for a considerable period of time (since 2014), attracting a steady following over the years. Compared to FortuneJack and mBit Casino, BitcoinPenguin’s approach to design is a bit more toned down and is very straight forward, though not boring by any means. Not only do they have responsive, helpful customer service, instant deposits and timely withdrawals, they have a decent selection of slots games as well (over 300). Another one of their immediate advantages is that they accept Dogecoin as a deposit option. There is a 0.01 deposit minimum for DOGE, and a relatively small withdrawal minimum of 500 DOGE.  Accordingly, their bet size minimums for slot machine games are also smaller than most other casinos, which makes BitcoinPenguin the perfect crypto casino for players on a smaller budget.

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betchain logo#4. BetChain

Of the 4 casinos mentioned in this article, BetChain is the oldest, having been in the game since 2013. In that time they have proven themselves to be a dependable, trustworthy operation, and currently offer a massive selection of games (over 2,300) from 19 different providers. As their selection of slots games is also quite broad, it is possible to find titles here not offered by other Dogecoin-accepting crypto casinos. Their layout is quite similar to that of BitcoinPenguin: a no-frills design which allows players to quickly find what they want and decide where they are going. What BetChain lacks in terms of bonuses and promotional offerings they make up for in the size of their slots selection. They also have very flexible deposit and withdrawal minimums, set at 0.01 DOGE each. In addition, the mobile version of BetChain works quite well and readily scales to cell phone screen sizes, which makes it the ideal online casino to play at for those on the go.

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