When I have discussed Gann’s theories and his approach to the markets I know I get some people thinking, ‘you’re nuts’. I know. I get it. But if what I’ve talked about before (time cycles, day counts, pivots in time, time arcs, etc) sounded like I needed a tin foil hat, then what I am about to talk about is going to sound like Madam Cleo, chicken bones and crazy fortune teller stuff. I’m talking about Financial Astrology.

JP Morgan“Millionaire’s don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” – JP Morgan

Perhaps the most disregarded, silly, and dismissed form of financial analysis is the coo-coo voodoo analysis of Financial Astrology. Personally, I’m cool with people thinking it’s hair-brained. It’s extremely useful and effective. I use it. Frequently. Like all other forms of analysis, financial astrology is only successful when used in conjunction with other forms of analysis.

However, when something as simple as a hammer candlestick on a daily chart forms near a market bottom and there is an astronomical aspect that shows up. You will have significant price changes. It’s one of the only near 100% chances of something happening in the market (the other being corrective moves off parabolic moves). But I just want to go through a quick rundown of what an aspect is.


When two planets form a particular longitudinal angle, it forms what’s called an aspect. For example, if Mars and Jupiter were both 180-degrees from one another, that’s called an opposition. Just like it sounds, oppositions are not good, they cause conflict. The conflict matters depending on the planets involved and their ‘behavior’. But if Pluto and Venus are at 60-degrees (known as a trine), then this is a bullish/beneficial angle and aspect. The two work together. Now some markets are inherently sensitive to certain aspects. Mars-Uranus is very effective in currency markets. Mars-Saturn is important in Live Cattle markets. Venus-Jupiter is strong for Gold. Venus-Uranus is important for stocks. I know. This is all sounding more stupid as I go, but I swear it will all make sense. Now let’s talk planets.


Time to add more fuel to the confusion. So we know what aspects are. But that only helps if we have an idea of the behavior of planets in financial markets. Jupiter is known as the ‘money’ planet, Uranus is the ‘market’ planet, Mars is the planet of ‘energy, activity, and strength’, Saturn is ‘change’. That’s all we need to know now about planets: they represent a ‘behavior’.

What the hell does all this mean?

Surprisingly, there is almost nothing written about financial astrology as it pertains to cryptocurrencies. I am actually going to start working on this more during my free time (if I can find some). However, I want to call your attention to two planets and one aspect.

Planet 1: Mars – one thing about Mars. Gann paid special attention to Mars. Near the end of his life and one of the last things he wrote was that Mars was ‘the key to timing.’ Mars is a trigger.

Planet 2: Saturn

Aspect: Mars-Saturn

Mars-Saturn is EXTREMELY important for currency markets (forex), especially the US Dollar. Mars is strength and activity. Saturn is change. Strong change. 

Mars-Saturn has shown up a number of times at market tops and bottoms. When was the last time it showed up? December 18th, 2017. What happened on that date? A strong change. That was near the market high and we had a swift reversal from those all-time highs.

BTCUSD Primary Analysis Mar 27 2047 PM 1 dayNow, changes in trends and prices due to the combination of other analysis and astrological phenomena do not happen right away. The December 18th trend reversal is certainly not indicative of a normal response to that Mars-Saturn aspect. Generally, 3-10 days is a normal time for a market to react and make a change. But where is the next Mars-Saturn aspect? When does that show up? It already did. 5 days ago. On March 22nd. Today, we completed the extension of the 90-day Gann cycle from the all-time high (extended to 99 days, which was today, the 27th). And exactly 10 days from the Mars-Saturn aspect is a Full Moon on the 31st.

From the 18th of March to near the end of this month, we have been loading up one major cycle after another. We are are nearing the end of this long long long confluence zone of time, price and momentum. Gann is probably trying to burst out of his grave to trade the activity that is about to happen.