In my last post, I indicated that there was a pivot in time in Bitcoin (like a normal horizontal pivot, except this vertical pivot indicating a part of a time cycle). That specific day is also shared by every major (BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC). So it is important to see how price has responded to these areas.


11318btcThat red vertical line represents the end and beginning of a 7 step time cycle: our time pivot. This particular pivot is a powerful one. It is often a sign and a signal for a reversal in short and long-term trends. I indicated that we should reach 14213.29 by 1/11 and that the full target going onto January 16th should be above the 17817 area. We have hit the 14,213.29 value area.



11318eth1. Again, this red vertical line represents a pivot in time. Notice how strong the response off that time period was in Ethereum. Notice also how much momentum that pivot create the move into #2.

2. This is very bullish for Ethereum. Here we have Ethereum rampaging above its 1×2 angle (the teal angle below #2) and the short-term downtrend line. We have also blasted above the resistance arc. Expect extremely strong moves for Ethereum in the coming week.



11318ltc1. More evidence of the importance of pivots in time. We have finally pushed above the downtrend line signaling a reversal and we are also coming back up to where price really is in time.

2. This value area represents the price that Litecoin entered into this time cylinder. The actual value of Litecoin is 262.68. Because it is trading inside its arc, it is outside of time; like Netflix buffering. The actual move here in the future is going to be explosive. I have the target area above 350 for the next 30 days.


Bitcoin Cash

11318bcc1. I don’t believe I’ve ever had an analysis done for Bitcoin Cash since I’ve started contributing to The reason for this is mainly because it is a really, really boring and limited chart. However, the past week has shown clear accumulation of this coin and it did respond to its pivot in time and found support on its first arc.

2. Notice the top of this resistance arc and how price reacted and was rejected.

3. Notice again how price was rejected at that same arc. However, This is one of the only non-pullbacks on extended buy levels near a range high that Bitcoin Cash has ever done. This should be viewed as very, very bullish.

4. A break of this range and a push beyond the 45-degree line here should set the tone for some actual trading in this pair.