Bitcoin is steadily rising in value, by the hour, having already exceeding $17,000 $18,000 $19,000 per coin, and there is a lot of hubbub about it hitting the futures markets within the next couple of weeks.  This is huge news in the crypto world.

Aside from the investments to build future wealth, you may be wondering how people can actually use this cryptocurrency they are stocking up on? Where can it be spent? You might be surprised to learn that there are several well-known companies already accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.  Here is a list of just a few big ones.

Bitcoin purchases are now made easier, thanks to a site called, eGifter.  EGifter sells gift cards to major retailers including, JCPenny, Amazon, Sephora, Home Depot and Kohl’s in exchange for Bitcoin.  All together, the site offers over 250 different gift cards to choose from, making it easy to purchase from stores that don’t currently accept virtual money.

Need a vacation? You can actually book trips with Bitcoin! Expedia, one of the world’s biggest global travel sites, allows for hotel bookings to be paid for with Bitcoin.  Expedia may also soon allow for Bitcoin to be utilized for purchasing airplane flights as well.

Overstock is another major global retailer that accepts Bitcoin, along with several other forms of cryptocurrency, in exchange for its products.  Overstock offers everything from electronic devices, televisions and furniture to be purchased with Bitcoin, and all other major forms of virtual money such as Litecoin and Ethereum as well.

You can even use Bitcoin to get satellite television service and internet.  Dish Network, shares info about how to pay with Bitcoin on its website, where you can also find a great article about a couple who traveled the globe using only Bitcoin.

Getting married? One can even buy fine jewelry, including wedding rings, watches and necklaces, with Bitcoin, through Reeds Jewelers, a large online jewelry store.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to places that accept Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency as a form of payment.  As the value of virtual money continues to rise and become more widely understood, more stores will likely jump on board. There is some speculation about Walmart being the next big retailer to accept Bitcoin. However, there is no solid information on that yet.

Aside from store purchases, Bitcoin is used to buy things through private transactions.  More and more people are starting to accept Bitcoin for a variety of things, from handcrafted wares to things as large as a house or a car.  It appears the sky is the limit on how one can spend their Bitcoin, if they aren’t holding onto it all for investment purposes.