Last year Bitcoin had an amazing spike in value that ended up reaching an all-time high of $19,600 per BTC by December. Unfortunately, that price dipped way down over the past few weeks, sitting right over $8,600 as of Tuesday morning. Many cryptocurrency traders are feeling the pain from this turn of events, but the wealthiest Bitcoin holders have been able to take advantage of this dip to buy even more Bitcoin while it is at such a low value.

Digital currency enthusiasts realize that virtual money often fluctuates in value throughout the years, and lots of traders have been able to cash in on these swings. Basically, if an investor can determine the top point and sell off their Bitcoins, and then buy even more back at the much lower price point, that person can end up with a lot more coins and an even beefier portfolio!

The people most likely to be participating in this maneuver are the ones referred to as, “Bitcoin Whales.” These individuals are the top 100 wealthiest Bitcoin owners who hold massive amounts of Bitcoin and can often use their assets to control the market. In fact, most of these investors have not lost so much as a penny after dealing with the largest 65 percent dip in the market.  Quite the opposite happened, as a matter of fact.  All of their stashes of Bitcoin increased.

For example, the owner of the largest amount of Bitcoins located in one address, currently holds 167,000 BTC in that address. That’s a heck of a lot of Bitcoins. When the wallet was first opened around 2 years ago, the first deposit was about $840 worth of BTC.  That wallet now holds around $1.4 billion USD worth of BTC, because thousands more coins have been added to it since it opened.

Interestingly, every time there has been a major correction where Bitcoin has lost over 30 percent of its value, this individual whale has increased his funds every single time. Many other investors’ wallets look the same.  They each are cashing in on the highs and lows by selling and buying at just the right time. It’s also important to note that one person can own many different wallets.

This information has led to many negative and often controversial ideas about cryptocurrency, such as the belief that a small group of people control the market, contacting one another to plan their next move.

Kyle Samani, the managing partner at Multicoin Capital, is a firm believer in this theory and shares, “I think there are a few hundred guys — They all probably can call each other, and they probably have.”

Although there is not a way to know for sure at this time, it’s certainly something to think about before investing in a digital currency.