Time is the cause of all trend changes.

Time is the reason for trend changes and price action.

1. Trends do not change due to sentiment.
2. Trends do not change due to news.
3. Trends do not change due to Tweets.
4. Trends do not change due to dynamic areas of support and resistance.
5. Trends do not change due to a moving average crossover.
6. Trends do not change due to oscillators being in elevated conditions.
7. Trends do not change due to trend lines.

Trends change because of set patterns in time.

1. Trends change due to a set path and pattern that Man can not deviate from; we are slaves to this pattern.
2. The pattern that price follows is as static and natural as anything in nature: the rotation of the planets, the Fibonacci ratio, the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

You can believe or not believe, but Gann believed God created all of Creation. Gann also concluded that it was impossible for there to be randomness in nature or in human behavior, that a God who created everything must have a supreme order and logic to His creation.

June 22nd – Jul7th is where we will see a reversal beginning in Bitcoin. When the dynamic angular and Square time cycles, that have been applied to price, fail to initiate reversal points, the static time cycles WILL. June 22nd – July 7th is one of those static time cycles.

Consider the following as well:

July 1st – Uranus (the harbinger of change in financial markets) exits Taurus (Taurus, the bull, is the money and stock market) indicating a change.

June 26th – One of the most important things to watch this year: Mars Retrograde cycle – Bitcoin is very sensitive to anything with Mars. Gann said Mars is the ‘trigger’ for trends and activity.