Weekly Roundup: BTC Blasts Through $5500, Touches $5800, Heads for Jupiter

This week we continue to fawn over bitcoin’s stratospheric rise, noting how its valuation now leaves corporate competitors Western Union and PayPal in the dust, and try to explain what “fundamentals” bitcoin actually has that are propelling its price to record levels, despite heavy-handed regulations by governments of major countries and unflattering comments by the…

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Thursday Afternoon Coin Clarity Check-Up: Wu-Tang Enters the Crypto

Thursday Afternoon Check-Up: Blockchain for Data Security, Wu-Tang Enters the Crypto, Wikipedia Founder Not Fond of ICOs Good evening crypto-ologists and curious readers alike. Every Thursday we like to just check in with you and see how things are going in general. Do you have a crypto portfolio going? How’s it doing these days? Maybe…

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Thursday Afternoon Coin Clarity Check-Up: Its Our 25th Week Celebration!

Dear Faithful Readers, Occasional Readers and Random Passerbys, First of all, thanks for visiting. Thanks for being our fan, our audience, our causal or avid reader, because without you guys, we’re basically nothing. We appreciate all the great feedback and support we get from you guys, and even if its not always positive, it is always constructive.…

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