Brazil Exchanges: The 4 Best Exchanges to Use in Brazil

When it comes to Brazil exchanges, you want a trading platform that offers trading volume for Bitcoin or crypto trading with the added security of established reputability. Suitable crypto exchanges should provide reasonable exchange rates for retail investor accounts and, ideally, a crypto exchange that offers bank transfers.

Trading the crypto market is speculative. You might want to buy Bitcoin, but the Bitcoin market is out of reach for most new crypto traders. The market risk is high, especially for beginners looking for the best exchanges in Brazil. 

Perhaps you are interested in buying Bitcoin by signing up with the best Bitcoin exchange, or you’d prefer to invest in digital assets from one of the top Brazilian exchanges. 

Before registering with a cryptocurrency exchange and depositing fees to buy crypto or Bitcoin in Brazil, you need to first take a few things into consideration. We suggest reading about our winners for the top cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil. In the early days, most centralized exchanges started as a Bitcoin exchange but added altcoins as crypto interest increased.

In this post, we’ll present the popular exchanges in Brazil using a tried and trusted ranking method to help you find a cryptocurrency exchange or Bitcoin exchange that suits your needs for a trading platform. 

If you want to buy or sell Bitcoin, the listed exchanges in Brazil are some of the best in the crypto space for trading or investing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. 

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Brazil Exchanges – Ranking Methodology

  • Brazil friendly*: Of course, a suitable exchange must be Pro-Brazil with a regulatory framework and good trading volume
  • Exchange and Broker: So you can buy Bitcoin in Brazil or other digital assets, ideally with a few payment methods like online bank transfer or credit or debit card 
  • Reputation: Secure, reputable, and trustworthy for beginners and advanced traders with no high fees if you’re selling Bitcoin or other digital assets

Diving Deeper Into Our Winners

Binance – Winner of Best Brazil Exchanges for Crypto Beginners

Brazil Crypto Traders binance earn image

Binance has a long-established reputation as the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. The platform is a popular Bitcoin exchange for Bitcoin traders due to its high trading volume, impressive 24/7 customer support, and lightning-fast transaction speeds. 

Quick Look

  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain education is far better than many Brazilian exchanges
  • Zero deposit fees
  • 405 cryptocurrencies supported, including Bitcoin
  • Paying fees is not expensive – Binance fees are reasonable
  • 24/7 member support
  • Trust Wallet – Binance’s official crypto wallet
  • Payment methods – Buy Bitcoin or other virtual currencies directly with BRL using a credit or debit card
  • Deposit with your debit card
  • Buy Bitcoin and digital currency using your cash balance
  • P2P trading
  • Third-party accepted payment methods – Simplex, Banxa (SEPA)
  • Customizable crypto gift card 
  • Institutional & VIP trading at several levels deep

Is Binance a Bitcoin Exchange?

Most cryptocurrency exchanges began as Bitcoin exchanges, but Binance is always ahead of the game, and it may have been one of the best Bitcoin exchanges in its infancy. Still, Binance commits to growth and service for their crypto traders and investors, adding more tokens to the platform and complying with global regulations where appropriate.

Unlike many exchanges, Binance has a native token. $BNB is the gas behind the significant Binance ecosystem. Users can also take advantage of the Binance Trust wallet and know your crypto portfolio is safe. 

How Secure is Binance?

Binance has a SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) which covers all losses on the platform in the case of a cyber-attack. In 2019, the SAFU proved its worth when thieves escaped with $40 million Bitcoin (BTC), but Binance reimbursed the traders. It’s an excellent security measure for absolute peace of mind. 

Binance is a trusted exchange we are happy to recommend to Brazilian traders.

Coinbase – Winner of Best Brazil Exchanges for the Easiest Platform for Crypto Traders

Brazilian Crypto Trading exchanges coinbase security safe

Coinbase is great for new traders and crypto enthusiasts because you can sign up for an account and buy Bitcoin or your chosen crypto with your debit or credit card using fiat currency. Even a complete crypto novice can navigate the Coinbase platform with its simple interface for buying, selling, or trading Bitcoin or altcoins. Coinbase has a mobile app available on iOS and Android.

Quick Look

  •  Buy crypto instantly with fiat currencies with your debit/credit card
  • 159 cryptocurrencies
  • Offline storage – most of the crypto assets are stored in secure offline storage
  •  Best-in-class security – every Coinbase account has 2-step verification for extra security
  • Coinbase App – available to iOS and Android for on-the-go crypto trading
  • User-friendly – the Coinbase trading platform is easy and intuitive to navigate even for total crypto beginners
  • Free USD wallet and hosted cryptocurrency wallet service
  • No fees for transferring from one Coinbase wallet to another
  • Insurance covers your cryptocurrencies in the event of a cyberattack
  • Coinbase card – zero fees for spending USDC, but there is a flat 2.49% transaction fee for purchases made with other cryptocurrencies
  • Easy, fast withdrawals

Does Coinbase offer Bank Transfer Facilities?

There are bank transfer options with CoinBase, which also links to Coinbase Pro. If you cannot sell your crypto for fiat currency on the Coinbase platform, you can likely do so on Coinbase Pro. Open an account with Coinbase and start trading or adding to your portfolio. 

You can request a bank transfer directly if the fiat currency is available when you are ready to withdraw. Or log in to Coinbase Pro, add and verify your bank and sell your crypto there for the fiat currency of your choice. When you request a bank transfer with Coinbase, the funds are transferred to your account surprisingly fast, making the bank transfer process one of the fastest amongst most exchanges.

How Safe is Coinbase?

If the site is ever subject to an attack, Coinbase has insurance to protect your holdings of Bitcoin or other assets. Knowing your portfolio is covered is a massive incentive for joining Coinbase because not all cryptocurrency exchanges provide insurance. 

Coinbase Trading Platforms

Coinbase has two trading platforms. You can trade directly from Coinbase or log in to the proprietary Coinbase Pro trading platform. The latter has advanced charting functions for crypto-to-crypto transactions and fiat to crypto transactions. Fiat trading is available with some fiat currencies paired with cryptocurrencies.

The Coinbase Pro platform is ideal for experienced crypto traders because you can place market orders, stop, and limit orders.

Earn with Coinbase

Coinbase has a “earn while you learn” program to learn about trading cryptocurrencies and gain knowledge about existing coins. By taking part in the training classes, Coinbase rewards you with selected cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Trading Fees

Coinbase is a secure, trusted crypto exchange with competitive fees. Depending on your chosen payment method, the transaction size, and the type of cryptocurrency, trading fees vary from 1.5% to 4.5%, and other fees may apply. However, the account minimum is only $2, and when you register for a new account, Coinbase gives you $5 of Bitcoin for free. – Winner of Best Brazil Exchanges for Easiest Cryptocurrency Exchange for Opening an Account is one of the best crypto exchanges for the simplicity of opening an account. Once registered, you confirm your application and are ready to start buying or trading digital currencies, and there are zero deposit fees.

Quick Look

  • Low trading fees of 0.2%
  • Zero deposit fees
  • Low withdrawal fees (for example, 0% + 0.011 ETH for Ethereum)
  • Vast selection of 1,287 coins and 2,258 trading pairs
  • High liquidity for fast order transactions
  • Small $10 minimum order size
  • Payment methods – Can use Visa credit card for buying digital currencies (USD, EURO & GBP only)
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees
  • User-friendly platform and trading interface
  • Rebate scheme for VIP traders
  • Secure platform
  • 10/10 Trust Score
  • Rated “Excellent” for cybersecurity
  • Secure exchange wallet and ‘S1’ cold storage hardware wallet

Is a Reputable Trading Platform?

When you’re trading financial instruments or building your crypto portfolio, choosing one of the most reputable exchanges in Brazil is essential. has a trust score of 10/10, placed as the third-best crypto exchange globally by GoinGecko, the world’s largest independent crypto exchange aggregator. Equally,’s cybersecurity has an “excellent” rating from by for two consecutive years. CER is the first crypto exchanges ranking and CERtification platform. has 2,258 trading pairs (February 2022) and 1,287 cryptocurrencies. It has excellent trading volume and exchange rates for trading virtual cryptocurrency or Bitcoin.

What Payment Methods does Provide? payment methods include using Visa credit cards to purchase digital currencies, but you can only do so with U.S. dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), and British pounds (GBP). Hopefully, will add more fiat currencies for payment methods in the future. 

Unfortunately, you cannot deposit or withdraw with fiat currencies (February 2022). It’s one downside for a top cryptocurrency exchange, but you can deposit with Bitcoin on the exchange or use other digital assets.

Trading fees are competitive. The maker and taker trading fees are 0.2% if you’re trading Bitcoin in Brazil. In Brazil, Bitcoin trading is popular. The best Bitcoin exchanges have low fees so that you can buy Bitcoin and trade other tokens.

Does have a Secure Wallet?

You want to securely protect your user funds on an exchange and store your Bitcoin or altcoins. has an exchange wallet and a proprietary hardware wallet, the ‘S1’. Ensure you keep your private keys safe as you don’t want to lose access to your Bitcoin or altcoins. Most crypto and Bitcoin wallets have the functionality to store multiple assets.

There is no fiat currency trading or bank transfers on Instead, to withdraw your Bitcoin or altcoins, you must move to an off-ramp platform such as Coinbase and convert to fiat currencies. It’s a frustrating financial system that crypto enthusiasts hope changes in the future. 

Gemini – Winner of Best Brazil Exchanges for Best Exchange for Experienced Traders

Best Brazil Crypto Exchange Gemini NFT image

Gemini is relatively easy for intermediate to advanced crypto traders but may not be suitable for complete beginners. It has a user-friendly, simple interface, but it has multiple options for the more experienced Brazilian trader or investor, and there is a zero account minimum.

Quick Look

  • State-of-the-art storage system – most assets are in an offline cold storage system
  • Insured hot wallet storage
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Trading tools for beginners and advanced traders
  • SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant (the first crypto exchange and custodian to complete these exams)
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Institutional accounts – serving asset managers and corporations
  • Deposit with fiat currency (wire transfer) or crypto
  • Cryptopedia – a free platform providing high-quality cryptocurrency education
  • Payment methods – wire transfer. Instant purchase with a debit card (3.49% fee + trading fees) Bank transfer options only available to the U.S
  • Withdraw your fiat currencies via wire transfer (bank wire)
  • Mobile app – trading fees start at $0.99 for $10.00, and over $200 the fee is 1.49%
  • Gemini Earn & Gemini segregated Custody service
  • Provides custody services for BTG Pactual, Brazil’s top investment bank

Gemini offers ActiveTrader for more advanced traders. It provides real-time market data, and you can execute your crypto trades instantly. As a bonus, Active Trader has a cheaper fee structure.

Gemini launched in 2015, so it’s an established exchange, but it doesn’t have as much trading volume as Coinbase, for instance. However, it does have Cryptopedia, a good crypto education hub.

Gemini Earn

You can earn up to 7.4% APY with your cryptocurrency holdings with Gemini Earn at the time of writing (February 2022).

The trading fees can be a little higher than other cryptocurrency exchanges. However, market prices dictate the fees, so it’s worth checking up-to-date fees before trading.

Secure Storage

Most digital assets on the Gemini platform stay with Gemini Custody, offline cold storage with a low fee of 0.4% per year. For peace of mind, Gemini also has an insurance plan in place for the standard Gemini wallet (online) to protect your assets against fraudulent theft. In addition, Gemini security is top-tier and multi-layered for enhanced protection.

Gemini Fees

You pay a transaction and convenience fee for buying and selling crypto, which is the same whether trading on the website or mobile app. The convenience fee is around 0.5% of the market price per trade. The transaction trading fee is 1.49%, but further fees (flat fee for small orders and a percentage fee for larger orders) may apply when buying and selling crypto.

Overall, Gemini is a decent and reputable exchange for crypto traders with experience. Though the interface is easy to navigate, crypto trading is volatile, and beginners may find another platform preferable when starting as a crypto trader in Brazil. 

The option for bank wire for fiat currencies is a plus for Gemini traders. 

Essential Information for Crypto Traders Using Brazil Exchanges

In 2020 discussions, the CVM (Brazil’s Securities and Exchange Commission) asked Binance to suspend futures contracts trading for Brazilian traders. At the time, Binance was not officially authorized to operate in Brazil. In August 2021, Binance complied with Brazil’s local regulations and suspended “future trading” activities.

Thankfully, this information doesn’t signify the end of trading cryptocurrencies in Brazil. Brazilian traders can trade margin products, options, and leveraged tokens providing they do so via the English Binance website. Generally, as cryptocurrency enthusiasts emerge globally, Binance is working on tightening customer verification requirements.

In a comment to CoinDesk, a Binance spokesperson said, “To respect the Brazilian order, Binance implemented restrictions on our website and stopped marketing on the derivatives products. If there are new changes, we will evaluate and proactively engage with the relevant stakeholders to find the optimal solutions for the local users. We will share more information if and when we have a decision and are ready to announce.”

What does this mean for Brazilian traders?

Like many European countries, Brazil intends to regulate cryptocurrencies more closely. President of Brazil’s central bank, Roberto Campos Neto, highlighted ongoing cryptocurrency regulatory discussion between the central bank and the CVM. The subject seems to be more focused on exploring Bitcoin and Ethereum as investments. However, stablecoins were of some interest because of the exponential growth of popularity and Brazil’s rising inflation levels.

Brazil Exchanges: What Is A Crypto ATM?

On the internet, there are “kiosks” where you can exchange deposited cash for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, also known as Bitcoin ATMs. These are very popular in Brazil and can be found all over the country.

There you have it — the top exchanges for the growing number of Brazilian users adopting cryptocurrency every day. While Brazil does require a few hoops to jump through initially, we’d say it’s worth it for the financial autonomy and freedom that Bitcoin brings.

Good luck out there!

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