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Accepts a number of world currencies in exchange for a bitcoin VISA card.

Supported coins

Bitwala Debit Card Review

Bitwala fees & funding options

Wallet included
Card type: VISA
ATM fee
Spend fee
€1.00 - ∞
Deposit fee
0.50% - 1.00%
Monthly fee
Supported currencies:
  • AUD
  • BRL
  • CHF
  • CNY
  • DKK
  • GBP
  • HRK
  • HUF
  • JPY
  • KRW
  • MXN
  • NOK
  • PHP
  • PLN
  • SEK
  • USD
  • VND

Credit cards:
Debit card
Gift cards
Other payments: , ,
Open source
2-factor authentication
Storage of funds:

Account Requirements

Anonymous account
Email required
Required ID: No
USA accepted


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  1. Avatar Keith Forbes on September 18, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Bitwala sent me a card that doesn’t work. I have tried multiple times at multiple merchants. Bitwala card fails. My Wirex card works fine. They won’t fix this issue.

    When I contact them they send following response from VISA again and again “Kindly ask the user to try to perform the transactions with the different merchant, and confirm if the user still faces any issue in transacting with it.”

    I have contacted them many times, to no avail.

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