In this article we cover the best bitcoin casino for high limit players.  Unlike other crypto casinos, this one has its own section dedicated strictly to high rollers, complete with unique games and competitive house edges that are not offered to regular stakes players.

Our #1 Ranked High Stakes BTC Casino: mBit

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mBitcasino has been around since 2014, and in the 5 years of its operation has proven itself to be one of the most customer friendly casinos in the business. It has built up a very loyal player-base and is known for having some of the biggest payouts in the crypto casino industry. mBitcasino can be accessed via tablet, smartphone, laptop, and desktop play on Android, Windows and iOS operating systems.

Unlike most other bitcoin casinos, mBitcasino offers high limit players their own VIP gaming section that features some of the most popular high stakes bitcoin games. Within this section, literally called “High Stakes,” there is an extensive assortment of high limit games all in the same place. Here you’ll find a dizzying array of casino games designed by the high roller specialist, casino game developer BGAMING.

high stakes mbit


The High Stakes games menu selection includes all sorts of casino table games and high stakes slots, where up to 100 mBits (0.1 BTC) can be placed in a single wager. There are additional, custom casino games to be found in this section if you are looking for something different, which are exclusively offered to high limit bitcoin players only.

mBitcasino’s High Stakes section was introduced due to popular demand from their players. They’ve offered this section to help players find the high limit games more easily. Otherwise, players would have to sift through an overwhelming selection of casino games.

High Limit Bitcoin Blackjack Games

Outside of slots, Blackjack is the most popular bitcoin casino game, largely because it’s relatively easy to learn, fun, and traditionally has the lowest house edge in the casino. mBitcasino’s High Stakes section has a variety of high limit Blackjack games available. In all, the high rollers section has 6 different styles of blackjack to choose from, all with a low a house edge of only 0.5%. Of course, to keep the house edge to its minimum, you will need to follow proper Blackjack strategy. The variety of Blackjack games offered to high stakes players are Standard Blackjack, Multihand Blackjack, Blackjack Multihand Pro, Blackjack Surrender, Double Exposure, and Pontoon.

BTC Roulette for High Rollers

mBitcasino has included three variations of bitcoin roulette tables for their high stakes players. For slightly better odds, there’s the non-American versions of roulette that feature wheels with a single zero, or players can test their roulette skills by betting on sections or positions of the wheel with French roulette. The three types of roulette offered by mBitcasino include American Roulette HR, Roulette European HR, and French Roulette HR.

While we’re talking about it, lets discuss one of the biggest misconceptions about Roulette – Roulette is NOT a suckers game. It is only a suckers game when played by a sucker. Those who understand the decreasing odds by splitting numbers, and those who understand that it’s impossible to win when you spread too many chips around the table can win at roulette. Yes, the odds on Roulette are not as good as some other games in the casino, but a skilled player can beat this game quite often. Here are the three most important rules I use when playing Roulette, and you should too:

1/ Stick with straight bets (bets placed on a single number). Don’t make split bets (placing your chips on the line between two numbers) or corner bets (placing your chips on the corner of four numbers). The reason is that you get progressively worse odds when you do this. Example, a straight bet pays 35/1, while a split bet only pays 17/1. This is the equivalent of 34/1 for a straight bet. A corner bet only pays 8/1, which is the equivalent of 16/1 on a split bet, or 32/1 on a straight bet. This is literally just throwing your money away. Once again – stick with straight bets.

2/ Keep your inside bets within the same

3/ Don’t get too greedy. The odds are only on your side for a short period of time and Roulette is a game where you need to know when to get up.

High Limit Poker Table Games

Another favorite among many high rolling players is poker, in all of its various forms. It is a primary example of a casino game where the level of a player’s skills can give them better odds at beating the house and can be very addictive in its own right. mBitcasino offers 5 high stakes poker games catering to their players’ needs, where they can test their skills against the house by playing a mixture of different styles. One of these includes the exotic Caribbean Stud Poker, which is loosely based on the original 5-Card Stud. In addition, mBitcasino offers video poker slot games based on 5-Card Draw Poker, which is one of the more entertaining poker games for high rollers. The types of different poker offered in the High Stakes section include Texas Hold’em, Trey Poker, Oasis Poker, Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Poker, and Jacks or Better Video Poker.

High Stakes Baccarat

In addition to blackjack and poker, mBitcasino offers its high rollers baccarat, which is also sometimes referred to as “Punto Blanco.” The High Stakes section has a single and tremendously popular baccarat table game. According to mBitcasino, the house edge for this baccarat game is 1.01% to 1.24% on ‘BANKER’ and ‘PLAYER’ bets, which makes it potentially lower than bitcoin casino baccarat games offered to regular users. For players that enjoy the thrill of a bit of extra risk, there is a “Let It Ride” version of baccarat specifically geared for high stakes players.

High Stakes Custom Casino Games

Due to popular demand, there is an ever-growing selection of custom casino games being designed exclusively for high rollers. As of today, mBitcasino offers some of the best high stakes custom games around, with plans to add more in the future. These games have proven to be as popular as some of mBitcasino’s table and slot games, and really could only be brought into existence after the invention of bitcoin and the blockchain. Among the custom casino games currently offered by mBitcasino are Minesweeper, Scratch Dice, and Heads or Tails.

High Stakes Online Slots

For high rollers who enjoy playing bitcoin slot machines, mBitcasino has a large selection of highly entertaining 5×3 slot themes, some of which have been specifically designed with high limit players in mind. Some of the high stakes slot themes include hunting for desert treasure, performing Aztec magic rituals, joining Vikings who sail off for adventure, as well as classic fruit and cherry style slots play. All high stakes slots are programmed with a highly competitive 97% Return to Player (RTP). Slots chosen for inclusion in the High Stakes section all offer the highest quality of bitcoin gaming, utilizing high end HD graphics and sound effects, which translate into smooth gameplay whether being accessed by either mobile or desktop devices. Some of the most popular bitcoin slots offered to high rollers (and their pay line numbers) include Lucky Sweets (5 pay lines), Lucky Blue (9 pay lines), Brave Viking (9 pay lines), Cherry Fiesta (9 pay lines), Book of Pyramids (9 pay lines), Aztec Magic (15 pay lines), Desert Treasure (20 pay lines), and Crazy Starter (25 pay lines).

Some Tips for Playing High Limit Games

mBitcasino has included some tips for high stakes players which can help them achieve the most value for their bitcoin. As a reminder, all of the games in the High Stakes section are first and foremost games of chance. This means that luck will come into to play quite often, however, there are still strategies that players can use to reduce their losses and maximize their wins. This is accomplished by the diligent use of time tested strategic methods that are well known by players around the world.

  • Tips for blackjack: “Don’t try to card count when playing blackjack because these are RNG blackjack games, which means the cards are in the constant shuffle, which defeats the purpose of card counting. Instead, make sure you read up on how to implement blackjack’s basic strategy.”
  • Tips for poker: “You will be able to improve your chances of winning by understanding the concepts involved with poker, such as how many ‘outs’ you have, the percentage of improving your hand on the turn or river, when to fold bad cards, and finally being able to have the discipline to fold and not chase hands where percentages suggest you are unlikely to win.”
  • Tips for roulette: “Although there are not too many strategies for roulette, you can always try the Martingale, Parole System, or D’Alembert roulette strategy, as just a few examples. Although largely dependent on luck, these strategies will help you maximize your gains and minimize your losses, and many players around the world have stayed true to them over the course of their gambling careers.”

A general tip is to make sure that you control your bet sizes. This is integral to learning how to be an accountable and skillful online casino pro and consists of taking the size of your bankroll into consideration before placing bets. Use this to make determinations on how long you want to play for, taking into account the house edge of the game you are playing, and how to properly size your bets in order to make sure that you do not spend your entire bankroll too quickly.

A parting tip is to consider variation before getting started on implement your game, which is an understanding of the laws or probabilities and percentages, and how they apply to your game. If you can mathematically identify when you are experiencing a losing streak or a hot streak, it will help you recognize when a particular strategy should be implemented in order to help reduce losses or increase winnings by responding with intelligent sizing of your bets.


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