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How & Where to Buy Amp A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying AMP

  1. Sign up at Gemini, the #1 rated AMP exchange.
  2. Fund your account with cash or crypto.
  3. Buy AmpAMP
  1. STEP 1Find the Best AMP Exchange
    • 1486429286
      Ease of use
      Very Easy
      Time to 1st Buy
      10 min
      24h Volume

      Founded by the Winklevoss twins, who also conceived Facebook, Gemini is an ultra-convenient and incredibly legitimate platform that has gone through every level of financial scrutiny possible to be the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange in the US. Truly too legit to quit, this is one of the few exchanges where your funds are actually insured in case of theft. USD-only features most of the well-known cryptocurrencies.

    • logo
      Ease of use
      Time to 1st Buy
      24 hrs
      24h Volume

      Founded in 2019 as the USA-focused branch of the Binance family of exchanges, Binance.US supports trading in over 50 cryptocurrencies and has the same industry standard low 0.1% fees as the original international Binance exchange. American users can buy crypto directly with a debit card, but Binance.US is not available in 7 states, including New York & Texas.

    • fLpdtiaZ
      Ease of use
      Time to 1st Buy
      2 hrs
      24h Volume

      No platform has been able to attract first-time cryptocurrency investors quite like Coinbase. Each quarter, millions of new users sign up and take advantage of the simplest and smoothest customer purchasing journey in the market. Coinbase also aims to educate beginners, paying them in crypto to learn about different projects.

    • Current Coinbase Pro Review
      Ease of use
      Very Easy
      Time to 1st Buy
      24h Volume

      Coinbase’s advanced cryptocurrency trading platform has lower fees and far more functionality. Formerly the highly popular GDAX, Coinbase Pro was purchased and rebranded with great success, now boasting one of the highest daily trading volumes and average liquidity. Highly secure with zero hacks. You can connect accounts to Coinbase to access wallet holdings.

    Go to Gemini and create an account. In some cases, the exchange will need some personal information like email address, phone number, name, address, and a copy of your government ID or passport.

    This is completely normal and all exchanges we list on this page have security in place to protect your personal info.

  2. STEP 2Fund Your Account

    It is now time to add funds to your newly created exchange account. This will allow you to purchase Amp AmpAMP quickly.

    Upon signing up at the exchange, you should be shown easy to follow instructions to buy AMP with cash from your bank account or credit or debit card. Some exchanges also accept alternative funding methods such as Paypal, Apple Pay, Skrill, or Sofort by Klarna. You can also deposit any supported cryptocurrencies directly into your exchange account and trade them for AMP.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying & Selling Amp (AMP)

How do I Buy AMP with Crypto?

If you want to buy AMP with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, or BNB, then you can simply sign up for Gemini and send your crypto to your account.

You can view the supported cryptocurrencies for the exchange you selected by going to the assets or wallet screen. Once you see a list of coins, you should be able to select one and click "deposit" which will show you the address to send your crypto to Gemini.

You will then copy that address and paste it into the wallet holding your cryptocurrency and send.

Depending on the blockchain used and how quickly the exchange processes deposits, your funds should show up in your exchange balance within minutes.

How do I sell Amp (AMP)?

To sell AMP, simply reverse the buying process described above. You will likely need to trade your AmpAMP into a USD coin like usdtUSDT. Look for a "Sell" button in your account wallet and sell for Dollars, then initiate a transfer to your bank account. To withdraw cash to your bank, you will likely need to complete a full KYC (Know Your Customer) process if you haven't already.

Amp Research Center

Amp Technical Details & Statistics

  • Market Rank83
  • Market Cap391,925,096
  • Circulating Supply42,227,702,186
  • Total Supply99,213,408,535 AMP
  • Max Supply92,547,638,199
Yesterday's Trading
  • 24 HR Volume6,646,919 USD
  • Yesterday's High / Low---
  • Yesterday's Open / Close---
  • Yesterday's Change---
All Time Performance
  • All Time High---
  • All Time Low---

How and Where to Buy Amp (AMP)

Flexa is a blockchain-based payments company that created $AMP as the network’s native token. Zachary Kilgore and Tyler Spalding are the co-founders of Flexa and $AMP.

Spalding has 20+ years of technology experience. He has invested in multiple startups and was CTO for Raise, a billion-dollar gift card marketplace. He has been an ongoing advocate for cryptocurrency, mining, and development.

Kilgore was an engineering manager at Raise and has worked with multiple companies, such as ZKTK Design, Warby, and Slide.

The Flexa Network consists of a variety of financial institutions and exchanges. The Flexa merchant payment network integrates with online platforms and POS (point of sale) systems. Flexa aims to encourage widespread adoption of digital assets by ensuring fast, low cost, and secure payment transactions.

From staking payments on Flexa to providing stability through liquidity, the Amp ecosystem offers many ways to use and earn Amp today.” – Amp website

What is Amp (AMP)?

$AMP is an ERC-20 compatible token built on Ethereum. It’s a universal collateral token available to any individual or project. It facilitates fast, secure transfers for a wide variety of real-world applications. You can send and receive $AMP tokens with any ERC-20 compatible wallet.

There can be conflicts between security and speed when transferring digital assets before the transfer becomes permanent. The compromise has been an ongoing dilemma for many blockchains. Transfers may be secure, but the timescale becomes the challenge as it isn’t practical for users to wait minutes, hours, or even days for a transfer to clear. Imagine standing in a queue in Starbucks waiting to pay for your latte and having to wait two hours for confirmation of your card payment.

Therefore, using $AMP as collateral guarantees a transfer. A collateral manager holds the $AMP in escrow until the transaction settles. Any person, project, or institute can benefit from gaining immediate access to an asset, whether it is a physical or digital asset.

What Makes Amp (AMP) Unique?

Two primary concepts make Amp unique: –

  1. Token partitions – similarly organizes the staking process on-chain to hard disk partitions, and users do not have to transfer them to a smart contract.  
  2. Collateral managers – like an escrow account, collateral managers assign customized specifications and rules. Using $AMP as collateral, anyone can create a collateral manager

$AMP smart contract features help users decentralize risk. The collateralization is freely available to anyone, and it’s tested and audited regularly. The flexibility makes app development easy, so developers can “deploy custom collateral managers for your app to interface with Amp on your terms.” It’s an open-source protocol and non-inflationary.

As new projects adopt $AMP, it adds to the decentralization and increases liquidity. That further enhances the quality of collateral and reduces network liquidity. AMP’s “asset-agnostic” features do not discriminate against assets or consensus mechanisms. You can use $AMP as collateral for digital or physical assets.

  1. Stake If you stake $AMP, you can implement a guaranteed exchange of any asset, not just digital assets. For instance, property sales, fiat currencies, and loan distributions
  2. Send – once $AMP is staked to a partition, it is ready to collateralize a transfer. Using collateral pools, $AMP decentralizes asset transfer risks
  3. Repeat Amp smart contracts have multiple built-in incentive models, for instance, continuous compounding

How and Where to Buy Amp (AMP)

The first step for investing in $AMP tokens is to open an account with a cryptocurrency exchange.

  1. Open an account with Coinbase, a popular exchange and easy to use for beginners
  2. Deposit using your credit or debit card or with a supported cryptocurrency
  3. On the “trade tab,” look for AMP/USD and make a purchase
  4. Send your $AMP tokens to Coinbase’s self custody wallet or any secure wallet that supports $AMP tokens

How do I Sell Amp (AMP)

It’s easy to sell your $AMP tokens on the Coinbase exchange

  1. Log in to your Coinbase mobile wallet or the website
  2. Make sure you have previously added and verified your bank account if you want to withdraw fiat currency. That can take a couple of days as you send a small amount to the Coinbase account and receive a code
  3. Convert the $AMP tokens to a fiat currency of your choice
  4. Request a withdrawal to your bank account. Transfers are typically fast, sometimes in seconds

Should I Buy Amp (AMP)?

Buying Amp (AMP) must be a personal choice because we are not qualified to advise on financial matters. You might want to do further research on Amp for peace of mind. If you are a beginner in cryptocurrency investing, learn to understand how the crypto market works and accept the associated volatility. Only register with a reputable cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase, Gemini, or

How do I invest in Amp (AMP)? Safely?

When investing in cryptocurrencies like $AMP tokens, it’s essential to consider your options before purchasing. No investments offer guarantees. Consequently, there’s always a possibility you could lose your money. Once you commit to buying $AMP tokens, only buy from a recommended exchange like Coinbase, Gemini or and immediately transfer your tokens to a secure crypto wallet after purchase.

$AMP pairs listed on Gemini and Binance Exchanges: –

  • Gemini – AMP/USD