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How & Where to Buy Bitquence A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying BQX

Bitquence Research Center

Bitquence Technical Details & Statistics

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What is Bitquence

Bitquence (sym. BQX) is a multi-coin wallet and a community-driven cryptocurrency trading exchange which also has its own coin called BQX tokens.

History of Bitquence

Bitquence is the brainchild of Shingo Lavine and Yu-Jen Dennis Chen. The crowdsale ran from 28. Jun 2017 till 16. Jul 2017. Since then, the coin has gained massive traction and have gained a lot of capital gain.

How Bitquence Works

Bitquence users can use Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other leading cryptocurrencies to instantly buy diversified baskets of coins. The concept here is almost like buying mutual funds which are segregated based on how they are chosen. There are similar grouping in Bitquence as well where these groupings are not done by an expert fund manager but the community itself. The users can invest in baskets of their choice. There are integrated exchanges as well so the user can choose to sell off (liquidate) a portion of his certain basket holding or even a particular coin.

The user deposits are stored in the cold vault which is impenetrable. This cold vault periodically checked with the Bitquence network to stay updated. The exchange fees, the transaction fees and everything else in the network are calculated and paid by Bitquence tokens.

Why Bitquence

  • The Universal Wallet: Bitquence has a multi-token wallet which is easy to access. The fund transaction is safe and it is safe to store, transfer and liquidate values from anywhere, anytime.
  • One-Click Diversification: Hedging your holdings into different basket or groups of cryptocurrencies is very easy with Bitquence. Like mutual funds, it reduces the risk and enables selective exposure to cryptocurrency markets.
  • People-Powered: Community consensus feature of Bitquence enables smarter investment decisions, where ratings and review powers are with everyone in the network. In fact, the users get incentives for sharing their ideas of specific coins.
  • Secure Key Management: The exchanges, as well as some software wallet, are not really secured. Bitquence employs cold storage as well as state of art protection to keep the online assets safe.
  • BQX Liquidity Network: The BQX network allows the users to liquidate any asset instantly and the users can withdraw, send, deposit or exchange different assets as well.
  • Mobile-First Design: Bitquence mobile app design is targeted towards smartphone users where apart from smooth mobile experience, assets can be transferred to any email, phone number or Bitquence id.