How & Where to Buy MobileGo (MGO)

Buying MobileGo (MGO) for funds from your bank requires a 2-step process. You're going to buy some BTC or ETH from an exchange that accepts deposits from a debit card or bank account, and then you're going to transfer your newly bought crypto to a marketplace that sells MGO in exchange for bitcoin or Ether.

Step 1: Buy BTC or ETH at Coinbase

Sign up and purchase bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) at Coinbase.

If Coinbase is not available in your jurisdiction, view our list of exchanges that sell BTC or ETH for Government issued money.

Step 2: Go to a supporting MGO exchange:

Transfer your newly purchased BTC or ETH from your Coinbase wallet to one of the exchanges listed below.


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Technical Information

Start Date: 16/02/2017
Raised (USD): $53069235
Blockchain: ETH (ERC20)

What is MobileGo

MobileGo is a set of Ethereum ERC20 tokens which can be used to deploy Smart Contracts in the GameCredits mobile store and has a native currency called MobileGo Tokens (sym. MGO).

History of MobileGo

MobileGo is a subsidiary of GameCredits Inc. which operates from Russia, Poland, India and Serbia. MobileGo only focuses on the mobile gaming industry.
A total of 100 million MobileGo tokens (MGO) will exist in the network. 50% of the total revenue from selling these tokens are used in direct marketing and MobileGo calculates a yearly profit of $5.30 per gamer. 20% of the fund is kept for legal issues and remaining 30% is spent on further development of the ecosystem. There are over 150 game developers who publish their games on GameCredits, thus, utilise MobileGo system.

How MobileGo Works

MobileGo offers 3 major solutions, namely, decentralized virtual marketplace, decentralized tournaments and decentralized P2P match play.
The decentralised virtual marketplace will allow gamers to buy, sell or trade in-game contents from within the GameCredits application, using MobileGo as the basic currency unit or transaction token for the marketplace. The gamers can also create their own tournaments and own prizes, automatically distributed, and own participation model. The MobileGo Smart Contract will run the tournament. This can extend to the 1v1 scenario as well where gamers can challenge each other in duels or other game achievement challenges.

Why MobileGo

MobileGo is targeting the exploding market of mobile gaming and it certainly offers some cool features.

  • Smart Contract Gaming: MobileGo brings Smart Contracts to gaming and this has huge potential. One can virtually get anything done with a properly written Smart Contract.
  • Built-in Transactions: The MobileGo tokens and Smart Contracts operate inside GameCredits ecosystem where every buy, sell or trade can be done without leaving the game.
  • Competitive Gaming: Gamers can create tournaments, leagues, 1v1 or other types of game competitions, based on their own terms and conditions. Gamers from all over the world can participate in that.
  • Transparent, Automated: Due to Smart Contracts running the show, the system is without human intervention and everything is automated. There is complete transparency and everything is automated, keeping scams miles away.
  • Huge Industry: Mobile gaming industry has a $58B yearly turnover, making it one of the biggest industries but there is no set standards and oligopoly is very evident. The decentralisation can bring down the oligopoly and also make this coin popular with the gamers.

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