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How & Where to Buy Waves A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying WAVES

  1. Sign up at Binance.US, the #1 rated WAVES exchange.
  2. Fund your account with cash or crypto.
  3. Buy WavesWAVES
  1. STEP 1Find the Best WAVES Exchange
    • logo
      Ease of use
      Time to 1st Buy
      24 hrs
      24h Volume

      Founded in 2019 as the USA-focused branch of the Binance family of exchanges, Binance.US supports trading in over 50 cryptocurrencies and has the same industry standard low 0.1% fees as the original international Binance exchange. American users can buy crypto directly with a debit card, but Binance.US is not available in 7 states, including New York & Texas.

    • coinswitch reviews
      Ease of use
      Very Easy
      Time to 1st Buy
      24h Volume

      This mobile aggregator platform collects data from all major exchanges, making it possible to swap many cryptocurrencies at highly competitive rates. Mobile app-only CoinSwitch Kuber is India's most popular cryptocurrency exchange service, with over 4 million users. Hassle-free arbitrage and trading process.

    • kraken exchange
      Ease of use
      Very Easy
      Time to 1st Buy
      24h Volume

      A decade of security, honesty, and transparency has given San Francisco’s Kraken an impressive reputation and helped it become the fourth-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the business. The brokerage service offered by Kraken has more coins to buy and sell directly with cash than most of their competitors. In addition, debit and credit card purchases are permitted with comparably low fees. Well-suited for beginners and those who want to buy and hold coins long-term.

    • 102
      Ease of use
      Time to 1st Buy
      2 hrs
      24h Volume

      China’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange and the second-biggest exchange in the world. Huobi is highly respected and well designed, with a stunning trading platform, more than 50 fiat currencies accepted, and fair trading fees. Now based in Seychelles and listed in Hong Kong, it serves a primarily Asian customer base.

    Go to Binance.US and create an account. In some cases, the exchange will need some personal information like email address, phone number, name, address, and a copy of your government ID or passport.

    This is completely normal and all exchanges we list on this page have security in place to protect your personal info.

  2. STEP 2Fund Your Account

    It is now time to add funds to your newly created exchange account. This will allow you to purchase Waves WavesWAVES quickly.

    Upon signing up at the exchange, you should be shown easy to follow instructions to buy WAVES with cash from your bank account or credit or debit card. Some exchanges also accept alternative funding methods such as Paypal, Apple Pay, Skrill, or Sofort by Klarna. You can also deposit any supported cryptocurrencies directly into your exchange account and trade them for WAVES.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying & Selling Waves (WAVES)

How do I Buy WAVES with Crypto?

If you want to buy WAVES with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, or BNB, then you can simply sign up for Binance.US and send your crypto to your account.

You can view the supported cryptocurrencies for the exchange you selected by going to the assets or wallet screen. Once you see a list of coins, you should be able to select one and click "deposit" which will show you the address to send your crypto to Binance.US.

You will then copy that address and paste it into the wallet holding your cryptocurrency and send.

Depending on the blockchain used and how quickly the exchange processes deposits, your funds should show up in your exchange balance within minutes.

How do I sell Waves (WAVES)?

To sell WAVES, simply reverse the buying process described above. You will likely need to trade your WavesWAVES into a USD coin like usdtUSDT. Look for a "Sell" button in your account wallet and sell for Dollars, then initiate a transfer to your bank account. To withdraw cash to your bank, you will likely need to complete a full KYC (Know Your Customer) process if you haven't already.

Waves Research Center

Waves Technical Details & Statistics

  • Market Rank69
  • Market Cap571,616,917
  • Circulating Supply108,727,612
  • Total Supply108,727,612 WAVES
Yesterday's Trading
  • 24 HR Volume142,840,402 USD
  • Yesterday's High / Low---
  • Yesterday's Open / Close---
  • Yesterday's Change---
All Time Performance
  • All Time High---
  • All Time Low---

What is Waves?

Waves (WAVES) is a platform-based cryptocurrency and offers a completely decentralized exchange for cryptocurrency trading, with multiple advanced features including Smart Contracts and ability to launch user-created tokens that operate on its network.

History of Waves

Waves was launched by a talented team comprised of Sasha Ivanov, Martin Spodymek, Alexey Kiselev and Sergey Ishchenko. Waves was initially issued by ICO (Initial Coin Offering) from April 12, 2016 – May 31, 2016. A total of $16,436,095 (30,096.7 BTC) was raised during the ICO period. A maximum supply of 100 million WAVES was created upon launch of the Waves network.

Since its launch, Waves has enjoyed considerable success and is often used as a host for up-and-coming ICO projects. For the first year of its existence, Waves flew largely under the radar of most investors, but by June 2017, it had reached a $500 million market cap and surpassed the $1 billion mark in December of that year.

How Waves Works

Waves works almost like any other blockchain based cryptocurrency with some unique features.
Waves can be converted into a number of fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies via a fully licensed Gateway. Fiat currency and several other cryptocurrencies can also be deposited into a user wallet on its platform, which is then converted into WAVES, the native currency of the network. Smart Contracts can also be used to automate transactions between different entities within the network. Thus, the Waves platform makes usage of other forms of payment more fluid than the vast majority of other cryptocurrencies.

Waves can also be used to create user-defined tokens which are supported on the Waves platform. Tokens are like personal currencies which can be used for crowdfunding projects (ICOs) or simply to pay for the services and goods within a particular project. With fast transaction processing times and low token creation costs, Waves is frequently the platform of choice for those looking to develop their own token.

Why Waves?

Waves is a cryptocurrency, decentralized exchange and custom token building platform all in one. In this respect, it comes with several advantages.

  • Issue Own Currency (Tokens): For a very small cost (0.3 Waves), users can easily create their own tokens, without any previous knowledge of coding or blockchain mechanics. These can then be utilized for ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or any number of purposes. Companies can also use tokens to pay for products and services within their own ecosystem built on the Waves API.
  • All in One Client: The Waves client is simultaneously a multicurrency wallet, decentralized exchange and token release platform. Moreover, the client is lightweight and can be run easily on computers and smartphones.
  • No Trading Limits: The decentralized exchange allows instant trading of leading cryptocurrencies and other assets with customized pairings. Moreover, there is no upper limit in transactions. Finally, trading charges are much lower compared to leading centralized exchanges such as Bittrex or Kraken.
  • Fiat Gateways: Bidirectional fiat gateways are fully compliant and offer instant conversion between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. It is easy to add funds to Waves wallet and withdraw them in the form of real world currencies.