has partnered with Coindesk and a handful of other cryptocurrency-focused organizations and major media outlets such as ICOholder and Business Insider for the Crypto Influence Summit, set to be held during New York Consensus Week in New York City on May 17th, 2018 from 5pm – 10pm.

The event brings together more than 100 of the world’s top cryptocurrency and blockchain social media influencers from YouTube, Twitter, Steemit, and other platforms. High-profile figures such as Coin Daddy, Team HODL, Crypto Booby, and many other notable names will be in attendance.

The Crypto Influence Summit is the biggest annual cryptocurrency and blockchain influencer community summit connecting crypto businesses, influencers, and investors, while sharing some of the most valuable and pragmatic insights available through in-depth discussion panels with cryptocurrency and blockchain authorities from across the globe.

During this occasion, crypto and blockchain proponents from all walks of life are given the opportunity to forge deeper connections within their respective communities and enable networking opportunities for business, influencers, and investors alike. This engagement is the perfect venue innovative executives and marketing professionals seeking to establish the most effective means to market blockchain-focused initiatives.

In addition to the panels and connection opportunities, the Crypto Influence Summit will feature a pitch event in which 10 project teams will be presented with an opportunity to introduce and display their projects. Here startups can acquire invaluable evaluations and assessments from a panel of preeminent crypto/blockchain authorities and investors.

At the end of the evening, the Annual Influencer Award will be given out to the community’s most highly voted social figures in the space.

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