Qarnot, a French startup, has revealed a new computing heater designed specifically for mining cryptocurrency. Named, QC1, this heater is operated by a passive computer inside that is set up for mining.

A room can actually get pretty warm with just a few desktop computers, even though most people use laptops these days. In fact, one of the largest challenges when building data centers is heat emission, because hundreds of computers have to be kept cool.

Qarnot has already designed three generations of computing heaters with multiple CPUs and sold them to construction companies that needed heaters for their new buildings. Then, several companies such as Air Liquide, Blender, BNP Paribas and Société Générale rent those servers for their own business needs.

“We provide computing capacity with an extremely hard constraint, which is the heating needs of consumers,” shares co-founder and COO, Miroslav Sviezeny.

That’s why Qarnot can offload some of the computing to regular data centers which can be especially helpful during the Summer.

The company is now selling its first devices directly to end users. The company believes it is an excellent use case for digital currency mining. The QC1 features two AMD GPUs (Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580 with 8GB of VRAM) and is specifically created to mine for Ethers by default.

It can be set up within minutes by plugging in an Ethernet cable and entering an Ethereum wallet address in the mobile app. Users gradually get ethers at this address, and Qarnot doesn’t receive any tokens.  The user gets all of them, and it doesn’t stop at Ether. Other digital currencies can be mined also, such as Litecoin.

Qarnot QC1 just might be the crypto miner of choice. With mining considered to be expensive when looking at the electric bill that comes with it, this heater may be the perfect solution. We all still need to keep warm during winter.  Now we can also earn cryptocurrency at the same time