Cosplay Token, launched by Cure WorldCosplay opens up the industry to exponential growth, eliminating bottlenecks or incumbent problems.

$18 Billion in sales. $50 Billion in size. Millions of people associated. And a riveting, growing industry. Cosplay as a market and as a community offers plenty of opportunities for growth, passion and a sheer connection to art.

For the uninitiated, Cosplay essentially is the ‘costume’ ‘play’, wherein artists – the ‘cosplayers’ showcase their art and craft through handcrafting or sourcing the perfect piece. The market consists of professional cosplayers, photographers, prop-makers, and users consuming content.

The field supported by thousands of people around world has evidently gathered a lot of steam and mainstream media endorsement over the past few years.

The economy surrounding cosplay has been gaining traction as a competitive and potential market – with thousands of cosplayers participating for millions in audience.

A glimpse at the market gives a positive outlook for cosplayers or even investors. There are, however, certain facets, wherein cosplayers and the surrounding community are facing challenges. For instance, Cosplayers still cannot gather enough revenue for their art. There are also several cases of plagiarism and copyright issues. The lack of trust and the limitation of reach is yet another issue that needs to be addressed.

Since the onset of its Cosplay’s, analysts and experts have identified five major challenges facing the economy within the cosplay-sphere.

  1. Sharing of content revenue
  2. Access to settlement accounts
  3. Transparency and trust
  4. Value actualization
  5. Globalization of information

To address these issues and sustainably develop the cosplay community and economy, Cure WorldCosplay community has come up with Cosplay token (COT), a hands-on, de-facto currency for the community to facilitate better processes, transactions and operations in the industry.

In addition to the challenges the token aims to help quantify the cosplay industry and boost the potential market value dramatically. Using the token, cosplayers and content generators can find or create new sources of revenue and value their art – ensuring that the players are properly rewarded and get the exposure that they need.

Moreover, as a consistent currency, the token also provides the community with an easier way to reach financial settlements, while protecting copyrights and ensuring trust and transparency.

In addition to solving financial snafus, COT also helps in creating an environment where information is translated and uploaded by a third party in good faith. The community which in itself is available in 12 different languages enhances the growth prospects by promoting a global, multilingual dissemination of information.

The entire premise behind Cosplay token rests on facilitating faster growth while establishing a solid foundation on which the community can interact and grow.

The community would also get a breather from the public sale of the token. The sale offers investors and cosplayers an opportunity to leverage the token’s potential in the market. Known by the ticker ‘COT’, the public sale offers only 500,000,000 COT for sale with an exchange rate of 1 COT = 0.00008 ETH.

The token in itself, offers a chance to the community to eliminate any self-limiting barriers and actually transcend the classic middle-men centric revenue generation. Through blockchain and a decentralized economy, COT could truly be a catalyst in Cosplay’s global adoption and growth.

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