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Bithumb Global

Introduction to Bithumb Global Bithumb was originally founded in 2014 as a Korea-only exchange but has since transformed into a global enterprise, now serving approximately 10 million users across 150…


Introduction to Coinsbit Founded in Estonia by Valerii Solodovnyk in 2018, Coinsbit supports over 100 cryptocurrencies across close to 400 different trading pairs. They report volume upwards of $100 million…


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Introduction to DigiFinex Founded in 2018 and already boasting 4+ million users, DigiFinex is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges across the entire industry. More experienced users are attracted to…


Introduction to CoinSwitch One of the newest major entrants to the crypto trading arena, CoinSwitch works a bit differently from the usual exchange model. Instead of having to place orders…


Versatile, self-branded card that can be utilized by most ATM systems.


Services several world currencies, available worldwide, virtual cards only.


Universal card available in most countries, low loading fees, user-friendly.


One of the most popular cards, works with many different world currencies.