Crypto Exchanges With the Most Coins

The top crypto exchanges have the widest diversity of coins to buy and sell for traders out there. Of course, some people just want to buy Bitcoin and hold on to it, but the leading exchanges go further and encourage their users to try out several exciting coin listings and features. The crypto exchanges we will talk about today not only offer the most digital assets, but we’ve made sure that they are reliable, trustworthy, and deserving of our recognition and recommendation.

Here’s why these are our top three places to trade, buy, and sell cryptocurrencies.

Ranking Methodology

Diving Deeper Into Our Winners

When you look at the numbers at face value, 750+ cryptocurrencies, and 1,380+ trading pairs, you might jump to a few conclusions:

  1. They let any low quality coin onto the platform
  2. They are bad at delisting dead projects
  3. Liquidity must be low if they are spreading their trading volume between so many pairs

Is there some truth to these statements?

We have to squash this statement straight away regarding a low entry barrier. It’s tough to get listed on The process starts with an application to the platform’s development team and asks about the tokenomics, the team members, and why this token might be better than other cryptocurrencies. For, there’s no benefit to adding low market cap ‘s**tcoins’ that are going to crash and lose their investors’ money. They want longevity, but they also want genuine investors who pay interest in the project, so they introduced the ‘Startup’ section of the website. The startup allows the Gate community to choose which new projects get listed by voting with their USDT and investing! It’s kind of like a Kickstarter campaign, where the project needs to reach a certain level of investment to get listed.

Is bad at delisting projects? It’s hard to get the correct data for this, but if you check out their news feed and announcements, they are pretty transparent about project delistings and reasons for removal. When a coin dies, it’s essential to delist these projects to avoid vanity metrics and to ensure that your traders won’t buy them by accident. Low market cap projects are often prone to collapse if they don’t get the right momentum or something goes wrong with the team or tech.

The third state relates to liquidity. If is handling around $1bn a day in transactions and spreading that over 1,380 market pairs, that means, on average, each pair will have less than $1m activity. But, of course, it doesn’t work like that. The bigger coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum have a disproportionate amount of activity, which means even lower liquidity for the small projects. So, here’s what we found for averaged figures:

  • Seven pairs trade over $10m per day
  • 50 pairs trade over $1m per day
  • 240 pairs trade over $100k per day
  • Around 50 pairs have $0 volume
  • More than 200 pairs have less than $10,000 in daily trades
  • USDC, BUSD, BTC, ETH, and DOGE have the best liquidity on new coin listing request wants longevity, but they also want genuine investors who pay interest in the project, so they introduced the ‘Startup’ section of the website.

Quick Look 

  • 750+ cryptocurrencies
  • 1,380+ market pairs
  • Higher liquidity than many rivals, including Gemini, Bitstamp, and Poloniex
  • Daily trading volume figures are in the high hundreds of millions of dollars, occasionally tipping over $1bn in 24 hours
  • One of the most well-designed, enjoyable, and potential-laden exchanges in the crypto universe, with tons of great ways to trade cryptocurrency tokens, such as spot trading and margin trading, and plenty of other options like staking and lending
  • Fees starting at 0.2% per trade for makers and takers

Does have the most coins listed in the world? sits second on the list of the world’s most diverse crypto exchanges, with the winner being HotBit. Now, we don’t want to discredit HotBit at all, so all we will do is say that here at Coin Clarity, we do our due diligence regarding every exchange that we review, recommend, and feature in our article. As HotBit is not one of the world’s top exchanges, it might not have the trading volumes and liquidity to offer users an excellent experience for their altcoin ambitions. We were able to find out that HotBit has hundreds of dead tokens or listings with less than $100 volume and liquidity. 

Get started with our number one pick.

With great power comes great responsibility. This quote is often attributed to Uncle Ben from Spiderman, but it’s believed to have originated during the French Revolution. Nevertheless, it’s a phrase that perfectly sums up Binance, which, since its launch in 2017, has wiped out a whole lot of competition along the way. It’s fair to say that Binance is probably about ten times the size of any competitor, except Coinbase, as of August 2021.

Binance ranks 10th globally with more than 375 and growing! New exchanges are listed with great regularity and a great variety of market pairs for each coin. Whereas their rivals typically pair new coins with USDT or BTC, Binance does a great job of listing pairs with fiat currency options, as well as the popular BNB cryptocurrency. Their 1,350+ market pairs place them third in the world for this metric.

With as much as 50 times more trading volume (at times) and roughly the same number of trading pairs as Gate, Binance offers better liquidity. Here are some good facts to know:

  • Several billions of dollars of Bitcoin are traded on Binance every day
  • BUSD, USDC, ETH, BTC, and SOL have the best liquidity, with BUSD being Binance’s native stablecoin
  • There are only around 20 market pairs on Binance that are inactive
  • More than 700 trading pairs have over $1m per day in trading volume on average
  • Around 200 cryptocurrencies have over $10m in daily trades
  • 25 coins are traded at a value of over $100m per day
Buy and Sell Crypto on Binance
Trading volume in 24 hours is known to go as high as $80bn, though a typical day might be more like $20-30bn, an exceptionally high amount compared to industry averages

Quick Look

  • The world’s largest and most powerful cryptocurrency exchange, which sets the pace and standard for all of the other best crypto exchanges, including when it comes to listings
  • 375+ cryptocurrencies
  • 1,350+ market pairs
  • Despite having half as many coins as, they have almost as many market pairs; this is because the platform can offer superior liquidity, which means more trading pairs per cryptocurrency, giving crypto users more autonomy regarding their trades
  • Lending, staking, savings accounts, various cryptocurrencies you won’t find anywhere else, the most popular crypto trading interface, easy withdrawals straight to your bank account, and more technical capabilities for advanced traders all contribute towards making Binance the best cryptocurrency exchange
  • Binance supports several decentralized exchanges and DeFi projects, giving them first pick of Binance Smart Chain projects to list in their centralized exchange
  • Very low transaction fees, starting at just 0.1% per trade

How do you get a coin listed on Binance?

Like, the new listing process starts with a comprehensive application to learn why this coin presents value both technologically and for investors. New listings pay a fee, but no exact amount is disclosed. Binance refers to this amount as a ‘donation.’ With the amount of time and effort going into the screening process, along with the huge potential rewards, a contribution is expected. If reports are accurate, the listing ‘donation’ is around $250,000, paid in the native cryptocurrency of the project. Binance also reportedly charges a yearly subscription fee, though giving any concrete numbers is difficult due to the lack of transparency around this activity.

Another way to get listed on Binance is to launch a successful decentralized project on the Binance Smart Chain. Some of the most well-known ones are CAKE, AUTO, and BAKE.

Sign up with Binance.

Crypto exchanges don’t have to be ‘cheap’ to use, but it certainly helps attract new users to the platform. KuCoin is among a small community of the best cryptocurrency exchanges opting to offer rebates to the highest volume traders on their platform. Starting at 0.1% fees for small volume trades, users who trade over 15,000 BTC or 70,000 KCS worth of crypto in 30 days can get 0.005% rebates. Of course, we are talking about the institutional level of trading here (hundreds of millions of dollars per month).

With over 400 cryptocurrencies available, KuCoin ranks 8th in the world for coin diversity. While the 820+ market pairs represent a lot fewer trading options than Gate and Binance, it still puts them 6th in the world for this metric. 

Quick Look

  • KuCoin has a cult following in the crypto space, presenting itself as a reliable cryptocurrency exchange with an easy registration process, a vast number of digital currencies, and plenty of great tools and services to take advantage of
  • 400+ cryptocurrencies
  • 820+ market pairs
  • KuCoin is the best crypto exchange for those who want to trade anonymously, with generous daily limits offered to those who don’t want to go through an identity-checking process
  • The downside to KYC-free trading is that you can’t then have any interaction with fiat currencies, which KuCoin recently introduced thanks to partnerships with Simplex, Mercuryo, and Mobilum
  • KuCoin’s liquidity is very good, higher than and better than their biggest rival, Poloniex
  • The best cryptocurrency exchanges pay close attention to their fee structure, and that’s why we love KuCoin. They’re one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges when it comes to rebates and rewards. High volume traders can unlock negative fees (rebates) when trading cryptocurrency in massive amounts 
  • There are also ways to profit and receive discounts from KuCoin Shares (KCS), their utility token

KYC-Free Trading

One of the main advantages of KuCoin is the fact that you can deposit, withdraw, and trade up to 5 BTC worth of crypto per day without having to give any personal information to the platform. Of course, 5 BTC has a market value of hundreds of thousands of dollars, way more than the average trader moves in one day. This is very appealing to enthusiasts and traders who aren’t interested in making purchases via wire transfer or bank transfers and simply want to enjoy the wide selection of anonymous projects.

Check out Kucoin’s offerings.

Lastly, we want to tell readers that having the most coins isn’t necessarily the best way to decide what exchange to use. More significant concerns include security, liquidity, reputation, whether it offers payment gateways for your banked money, how easy it is to use, and more. Based on your exchange research on the number of digital assets listed, we would recommend only to the most serious of altcoin hunters, in which case, remains our top pick. 

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