Time for me to put up some trades – lots of opportunities now to get in on some pullbacks and/or breakouts. Let’s Ichimoku this market.




NANOBTC has moved higher during the day to break above a key trendline, but it has fallen back through it. This is normal and healthy. There’s a couple options here – pullback at the top of the cloud. Or on a move higher above the prior high.

Entry:0.0003091 (pull back to top of the cloud)

Entry: 0.000329 (move above prior high)





This guy is just waiting to break out and explode higher. It’s in an almost funny congestion zone here. An entry where the lagging span and price are above the 1-hour cloud is a perfect combination of conservative and valid entry.

Entry: 0.0005158




Cardano is facing some heat up against the bottom of the cloud. It also looks like a double top could be formed on the 4-hour chart. Price is quite a distance from the base line at 0.00001153, but a pullback to the conversion line might be ok. That’s what I am doing.

Entry: 0.00001175



This chart is a good example of how the Lagging Span reacts to the cloud as a source of resistance and support. Notice where price got halted? Look to the left and see the black line and where it got halted: right at the top of the cloud. What we really need to see here is the Lagging Span to cross above the 4-hour cloud. If we get a close above that 4-hour cloud, I’m going to be happy about that entry.

Entry: 0.2521



Just added to Coinbase so this guy should be a mover. It already pulled back to the conversion line and found support, but I’d really like to see it come down to test the base line, if it doesn’t, then I’m looking for a higher entry point above the previous high.

Entry: 0.000133

Entry: 0.000151




And finally, the big mover of the day. If you’ve been reading my articles, you’ll know that Basic Attention Token is one of the Coinbase 5. This stellar move here has been pretty sustained throughout the trading day. I’d like to see a pullback to the 4-hour Conversion Line for another entry.

Entry: 0.0000303