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DasCoin, referred to as the Currency of Trust, just achieved a milestone by improving its blockchain speeds, which were already impressive. Until recently, the DasCoin Blockchain had a block time speed equal to six seconds per block, which was already an industry-leading figure that set a standard that others aimed to live up to. DasCoin did not settle for this standard-setting and cut the block time in half, essentially doubling the DasCoinBlockchain speed. This change ensured that DasCoin is a world leader for blockchain speed. This feat was achieved via the ecosystem’s Graphene technology.

Why Graphene Technology Matters

The team at DasCoin cites its use of Graphene technology as the impetus that allowed it to double the DasCoin Blockchain speed. This technology includes an above-average governance system that allows for tuning critical operational parameters within a timeframe that was previously unimaginable. The majority of other blockchains use technologies that require every single server and participant to upgrade the software before changes can go live by executing. The advantage of Graphene is that these mass updates are not necessary, letting developers tune parameters in just a half hour. Compared to the industry standards for this type of tuning, this is nearly real-time and can be used for adjusting parameters likethe maximum block size.

Future Goals of DasCoin

The team at DasCoin knew that an increase to its blockchain speed was necessary to accommodate future plans. In the near future, DasCoin will implement a payment solution as a key component of the DasCoin Ecosystem, and as with any solution launch, DasCoinanticipates it will lead to a significantly higher volume of transactions on the blockchain. The related need for scalability and speed is further enhanced by the expansion of DasNetand its likely continued growth. Because of these two factors, among others, DasCoin’steam has made scalability and speed priorities. With Graphene’s implementation leading to doubled blockchain speeds, DasCoin is well on track to accommodate the higher transaction volume it predicts for the future.

DasCoin CEO, Michael Mathias, says that DasCoin aims to become the Currency of Trust for the new digital economy. The enhanced blockchain speed should indeed confirm DasCoin’s position as a leader in blockchain-enabled payment solutions.

More on DasCoin

DasCoin is just one part of the related digital asset system, acting as the central blockchain-based currency. The DasCoin Ecosystem harnesses the strengths of existing currency systems while eliminating their weaknesses. As a whole, DasCoin prides itself on being fast, efficient, balanced, scalable, and secure.