DASH claims the title of the fastest cryptocurrency online. Unlike Bitcoin, which functions as both a means of storing value and transferring value, or Ethereum, which serves as a decentralized blockchain and currency, DASH enables lightning-fast transactions between peers worldwide. This makes DASH one of the best cryptocurrencies available for online slots. 

With so many different casinos and slots sites beginning to accept crypto and DASH deposits, each with its unique features and benefits, here’s everything you need to know to start playing slots with DASH online. 

Best DASH Bonuses and Promotions

DASH isn’t just a speedy way to deposit or withdraw money from crypto slots sites. Using DASH to deposit on a slots site also provides players with access to far more competitive promotions and bonuses. The bonuses and promos offered by crypto slots sites can include welcome bonuses, daily jackpots, free spins, special seasonal promos, and other cash bonuses.

Some of the offers, promotions, and bonuses available on DASH slots sites include:

  • Matched deposit bonuses apply to the first deposit made to an account by a new player. In most cases, matched deposit bonuses provide a 100% bonus on the first deposit made — a $500 deposit, for example, will provide a new player with an additional $500 in bonus credit to play with
  • Cash bonuses provide a fixed amount of cash instead of a percentage amount to new players on their first deposit and are commonly offered instead of matched deposit bonuses
  • Reload bonuses are not as high as matched deposits or cash bonuses but can work in the same manner and apply to the second, third, or other consecutive deposits a player makes to an account
  • Free spins work the same as the free spins offered by traditional slots sites and are available to players that make deposits, win free slots in-game, or participate in VIP programs
  • Jackpots, like traditional slots sites, DASH slots sites offer progressive jackpot slots with extremely high jackpots
  • No deposit bonuses are available to players who complete a site’s sign-up process. To cash these bonuses out, you must bet the total amount a certain number of times and meet its rollover requirement

It’s occasionally possible to access far better bonuses and promotions through the use of time-limited special promo codes or bonus codes for crypto slots. The top of this article provides a curated and regularly updated list of the best DASH slots promotions and any active bonus codes.

Best DASH crypto slots

Signing up for the VIP program of a crypto slots site can provide players with another set of bonuses. In most cases, DASH slots VIP programs work on a point-based or level-based system that provides bonus cash and free spins for each successive level-up. 

How to Deposit DASH to Online Slots Sites

All that is needed to make a deposit is a wallet address. Your slots site will provide this address within the banking, cashier, or wallet section.

In 2022, players have several different deposit methods to choose from including:

  • Mastercard credit or debit card
  • Visa debit or credit card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Other popular digital payment gateways

First, start a new transaction from within your wallet or exchange to make the deposit. Next, copy and paste the site’s wallet address into the destination field. Finally, specify the amount you would like to deposit and click send. Your funds will be available to start betting within just a few minutes.

Make sure that you are sending your funds to a dedicated DASH address. Depositing otherwise, like sending DASH to a Bitcoin address, will result in a permanent loss of funds. Also, it’s rare for crypto betting sites to charge deposit fees, however, it’s more likely that your wallet or exchange will charge a small maintenance cost or network fee.

In most cases, crypto slots sites that accept DASH deposits don’t set a minimum deposit amount. To take advantage of first deposit bonuses or new player promos, you’ll typically need to meet a minimum deposit amount of between $10 and $50.

How to Withdraw DASH

Like deposits, all you’ll need to execute a DASH withdrawal from a slots site is your wallet address. You can find this by starting a new transaction within your wallet or exchange and clicking ‘receive.’ Once you do that, you’ll have a QR code you can scan and an address you can copy/paste.

Your site will provide you with a dedicated section to make withdrawal requests. To make the withdrawal, copy and paste your wallet address into the specified section and type in the amount you would like to withdraw.

where to play DASH slots

Even though crypto transactions are known to process extremely quickly, some sites may intentionally hold your request to verify the transactions. For example, they may require additional KYC information or other verification forms before letting the transaction through. This can also happen if the requested amount is rather large or if there have been multiple withdrawal requests made in a short amount of time. In any case, these holds usually won’t last more than 24 hours.

How to Play Slots With DASH

DASH provides players with a wide range of advantages, but the basic user interface of DASH slots sites is very similar to traditional slots sites. You’ll find DASH or crypto slots very familiar if you’ve played online slots before. 

There are many safe and secure slots games to choose from including:

  • Classic Slots / 3-Line Slots
  • 5-Line Slots
  • Video Slots
  • 3D Slots
  • Bonus Slots
  • Progressive Slots
  • Virtual Reality Slots
  • Free Slots

It’s important to note that some DASH slots sites will calculate wagers and balances differently than traditional sites — rather than using USD or EUR, some sites will calculate in mBTC (equal to one-thousandth of a Bitcoin).  

On decentralized sites, users can play provably fair crypto slots. These slots take the blockchain data provided by the player and use it to run random number generator (RNG) software. By doing this, these sites can provide unbiased and truly random odds. Furthermore, since these games are open-source, players can view the code that runs them and verify their odds.

The extreme speed of DASH has made it a popular banking option not only on slots sites but on many casino platforms. Cryptocurrency casinos that accept DASH make it possible to play blackjack, poker, roulette, and more.

Using DASH to Play Slots Online: What You Need to Know

There are just a few additional notes that users should know when using DASH online. Knowing these will help you to keep your funds and your identity safe.

  • Security: DASH transactions are fast. However, they are also irreversible. When you use cryptocurrency to play slots, it’s important always to enable additional security features such as two-factor authentication and only play slots on reliable sites with positive reviews and recommendations
  • KYC regulations: In many cases, it’s possible to play completely KYC-free cryptocurrency slots with DASH or play anonymous crypto slots. Sites that offer significant withdrawal limits, however, may be required to request KYC information from players before they can payout on large withdrawal requests
  • Anonymity: DASH is not a completely anonymous cryptocurrency. The DASH blockchain is public, which means any transaction sent using DASH could potentially be linked to the user that sent it — if the transaction comes from a verified crypto exchange account
How to Play DASH Slots

Choosing the Best DASH Slots Site

DASH allows instantaneous transactions – it accomplished this by forking the Litecoin protocol, which also created faster transactions after forking the Bitcoin protocol. Being a fork of a fork has allowed DASH to have access to one of the quickest crypto transaction speeds whilst offering some of the blockchain features of Litecoin and Bitcoin.

DASH boasts one of the fastest transaction confirmation times of any cryptocurrency. To understand how fast Dash is, it’s good to compare it to Bitcoin. An average Bitcoin transaction can take between 45 minutes and one hour, with some transactions taking over 90 minutes. DASH transactions process in just one to two seconds.

The cost of an average DASH transaction is measured in fractions of a cent, placing it among the cheapest blockchains to send transactions. In addition, the extreme speed of DASH has made it a popular cryptocurrency, which means it’s available on almost every cryptocurrency exchange. This simplicity also lends itself to DASH’s other goal of better integrating crypto payments into everyday purchases.

Using DASH to play slots allows slots players to make instant withdrawals, eliminating the need to wait several days for traditional bank transfer payouts. In addition to instant payouts, DASH slots also provide players with benefits that include higher deposit and withdrawal limits and significantly better promos and bonuses.

Additional factors you should be aware of in a slots site include:

  • Instant payouts: The biggest and most important distinction between DASH slots and fiat currency slots is the availability of instant no-delay payouts and withdrawals
  • Customer support: It’s best to look for slots sites that offer live chat or extremely responsive email support
  • Mobile versions: Check for apps or dedicated mobile websites if you want to play crypto slots on your phone
  • Reputation: how accountable is the site you are playing at when it comes to payouts, fair odds, and their public image overall

How to Buy DASH

DASH is a relatively older cryptocurrency that caters to a wide market and is therefore available on many different crypto exchanges. In addition, some sites offer instant purchases of DASH with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, which makes the process of buying DASH extremely simple.

If you don’t already have DASH, the following steps will break down the fastest way to buy it:

  • Create a new account on an exchange that offers instant DASH purchases, such as Coinbase or KuCoin
  • Complete the ID verification process and link your credit or debit card to your account
  • Instantly purchase DASH 
  • Send the DASH to your chosen DASH-compatible crypto casino or slots site

Key Takeaways

DASH is currently one of the fastest cryptocurrencies online. Using DASH to bank with slots sites removes the intermediaries from online betting and eliminates the need for lengthy bank transfers by providing instant payouts.

DASH Slots Bonuses

The widespread adoption of DASH makes it possible to withdraw funds from a slots site instantly, send DASH to a crypto exchange, and trade it for cash or other cryptocurrencies in just a few seconds. By providing greater control over bankroll and providing benefits such as higher withdrawal limits and better promos and bonuses, DASH will only grow in strength when it comes to online betting options.