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DigiFinex vs Huobi Global: Features and Fees 2021

Welcome! We have two fantastic cryptocurrency exchanges for comparison today. Interestingly, they both originated in Asia and have operation centers in Singapore; however, both are registered in Seychelles! Beyond that, are they similar? How are their fees, security protocols, trading experiences, broker services, and more? Together, we are going to find out.

Compare Huobi Global vs DigiFinex

Huobi Global

USA Accepted?
Trading Pairs
7 Day Volume


DigiFinex Trading Fee Structure

Looking for a cryptocurrency trading platform with low fees, a native utility token for discounts, and a friendly 30-day tiered fee structure? If so, Digifinex might be the crypto exchange for you.

  • Maker fees start at 0.15%
  • Taker fees start at 0.20%

To reduce these fees, you will need to either:

  1. Trade over $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency in the past 30 days (calculated daily)
  2. Lock in more than 100 DFT (worth about $6)

DFT is DigiFinex Token, and it can be acquired via trading or direct purchase. When used to pay fees, DFT offers a 25% discount! 

See below:

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Huobi Global Trading Fees

Like most crypto exchanges, Huobi offers a tiered structure of fees, with beginners and low volume traders paying:

  • 0.2% in maker fees
  • 0.2% in taker fees

To reduce these fees, there are two options:

  • Option A: the HT Deduction Service, whereby users hold HT (Huobi Token) in increasing amounts
  • Option B: a VIP trading service, which combines a large HT holding with your 30-day trading volume (based on BTC value)
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Option A: HT Deduction Service

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Option B: VIP system 

DigiFinex vs Huobi: DigiFinex Trading Fees are easier to digest and achieve.

Sign Up & KYC Experience

DigiFinex Onboarding

US readers are advised to be very careful, as whilst DigiFinex may permit you to register and begin trading KYC-free, some of their services violate US trading laws. So now that’s out of the way, let’s show you how to join.

  1. Start by clicking here
  2. Provide your email address and password
  3. Click ‘Get Code’ and go to your emails to find a confirmation code
  4. Copy the code to the registration form
  5. Set up Two Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator is recommended)
  6. Well done, your account is made and you can trade KYC free (1BTC daily withdrawal limit)
  7. Lift your limits with KYC checks, which will involve submitting an identity document, selfie, and some personal details

Joining Huobi Global

UK, US, Canada, Taiwan, Japan (which has its own platform), and Israel residents will not join Huobi Global. 

For anyone else…

  1. Head to and click ‘Sign Up’
  2. Choose to sign up using your phone number or email address (this is to set up Two Factor Authentication)
  3. Provide your country of residence and a password, as well as this invitation code: ADD HERE
  4. Check your messages or email inbox based on what you chose in step 2
  5. Your account is now made, but to continue with KYC verification you need to trigger the process by attempting to make a deposit or withdrawal
  6. It’s easiest to continue with your mobile phone at this point
  7. Choose ‘Personal Verification’ when given the option and follow the instructions by uploading your ID, a selfie, and some personal details

DigiFinex vs Huobi: DigiFinex is a bit more user-friendly.

Ease of Use & Feel of Website or App

DigiFinex UX/UI

Let’s give you a rundown of the best design features you’ll find on DigiFinex:

  • Black and electric blue theme with a professional feel
  • Appeals to professional cryptocurrency traders and institutions
  • Fastest page loading speeds we’ve ever seen, especially to the trading interface
  • Smooth and intuitive UX/UI

On the downside, the app has a low rating and is falling behind other leading exchanges.

Overall, DigiFinex has become a trustworthy crypto exchange for investors to trade digital assets on. The DigiFinex trading volume now exceeds $1bn per day, placing it in the 30 best crypto exchanges for this metric. 

Using Huobi Global

What are some of the best features of Huobi?

  • A well-designed platform with many aesthetically pleasing features
  • A really sharp order form, cryptocurrency market chart indicators, and asset value displays
  • A top-quality educational platform that gives an introduction to the crypto industry, crypto trading, blockchain technology, crypto startups, smart contracts, and more
  • Huobi Global is one of the leaders in the crypto backed loans market, which now enables people to take a crypto loan of fiat currency by using a digital asset as collateral

Thanks to great design and a large user base, primarily in Asia, Huobi regularly handles over $5bn in trades per day, placing it comfortably in the world’s top 10 by size.

DigiFinex vs Huobi: Huobi is probably the easier of the two for beginners to start trading.

Deposit Methods

Depositing funds into DigiFinex

Unfortunately, DigiFinex does not offer fiat wallets, making it a crypto-only platform. 

Withdrawals are charged based on the cryptocurrency leaving the platform.

Making deposits on Huobi Global

Huobi makes it easy to deposit funds for the following currencies:

  • GBP – Faster Payments, Advcash
  • EUR – SEPA
  • USD – Domestic Wire Transfer, SWIFT, International Wire, SEN
Making deposits on Huobi Global

Please note that each cryptocurrency has a different withdrawal fee.

DigiFinex vs Huobi: Huobi wins comfortably.

Instant Buy Options (Buying with a Credit or Debit card)

Make purchases on DigiFinex

Thanks to their liquidity partners, Simplex, Mercuryo, and Wyre, DigiFinex is a good cryptocurrency exchange to buy crypto on. You can choose to buy Bitcoin or around 35 other cryptocurrencies, with around 40 fiat currencies accepted. 

Purchasing crypto on Huobi Global

Huobi likes to sell cryptocurrencies (around 40 tokens) to their users via:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Bank transfer

As well as that, Huobi Global is one of the few platforms (along with Binance and KuCoin) to offer a P2P area where users can sell cryptocurrency directly to each other, with 97 different payment methods!

Huobi Global P2P Trading Available 97 different payment methods

DigiFinex vs Huobi: Huobi wins this round!

Trading Experience

Trading with DigiFinex

Here’s what makes trading on DigiFinex a top-tier experience:

  • Margin trading of 11 crypto pair combinations and up to 5x leverage
  • ETFs (Bitcoin Futures)
  • Advanced trading tools and instruments
  • Real-time trading data
  • Derivatives trading
  • Different options for viewing the trading platform and your portfolio area – Pro and Basic
  • 150+ crypto assets
  • 210+ trading pairs
  • Trading pairs loads up in the interface faster than most exchanges

Trading with Huobi Global

So what makes Huobi Global an excellent cryptocurrency exchange and recommended place to trade crypto? Well…

  • Margin trading of around 100 different pairs (up to 3x)
  • More than 1,000 trading pairs overall
  • 395+ coin projects listed
  • Daily trading volumes of over $5bn, guaranteeing excellent liquidity for most pairs
  • Among the highest per-person trading amounts in the cryptocurrency exchange industry
  • Trader-centric design, designed by traders, for traders
  • Intuitive, friendly, and self-explanatory designs make Huobi great for beginners too
  • Excellent data to perform technical analysis

DigiFinex vs Huobi: Huobi makes trading more pleasant.

Reputation and Security

Trusting DigiFinex

DigiFinex employs these three main security measures on the back-end to protect user funds:

  • Cold storage of user funds (95%+ of the total supply)
  • Cold wallet technology (HDM)
  • Regular IT audits to maintain exchange integrity

The exchange has never been hacked and remains an incredibly trustworthy place to trade. Over four million users would seem to agree, as would listed large market cap projects, like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple.  

The word on Huobi Global 

Huobi Global was forced out of the Chinese marketplace in 2017, and despite working with regulators to remain amicable, it’s now clear that they will never be welcomed back into the Far East nation. Fortunately, that forced them to spread their wings and open up to many new countries and areas with great success.

The platform has never been hacked and has a gold star rating for security. However, one thing that does mark them down is regular accusations of wash trading, an activity that often blights decentralized exchanges. Essentially it means generating fake volumes to look busier than they actually are.

DigiFinex vs Huobi: DigiFinex is building a very high level of trust with its users.

DigiFinex vs Huobi Global: Who is our winner?

When we compare DigiFinex and Huobi Global, we have to look at so many factors to pick a clear winner. It hasn’t been easy, each exchange has its strengths and weaknesses, and they complement each other very well. Ultimately, however, when we look at which platform better serves new users, we are going with Huobi Global. 

Respected, highly liquid, 500+ trading pairs.
1075 Trading Pairs

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