At this point, most people have heard of Bitcoin, and many enthusiasts are aware of the top 5 cryptocurrencies. They probably have some knowledge about how these currencies work, as well. However, there are still so many other digital currencies and platforms available on the market, many with interesting stories behind them and some pretty important companies supporting them.

It is only recently that top global brands and Fortune 500 companies have started trying to get in on the crypto and blockchain scene, but it’s a sign that perhaps it really is the way of the future.  Just look at Disney, one of the most loved and widely known companies in the world.

Disney began incubating a blockchain platform back in 2014 as part of its Disney Open Source program.  The company called the platform, “Dragonchain.” With such an intriguing name, and a large company like Disney involved in its origination, Dragonchain may be something to look at a little more closely.

Dragonchain was designed to blend 3 unique blockchain elements into one, making it a highly unique program.  The platform, similar to Ethereum, keeps business assets protected through a serverless system, the decentralized blockchain, utilizing established programming languages, including Java, Node, Python and others.

Next, Dragonchain acts as an incubator with abilities similar to that of Kickstarter, helping users to launch blockchain projects and enlist the help of other participants to bring the projects to fruition.

Lastly, the Dragonchain marketplace provides full-suite access to all the critical components needed to successfully execute any part of a Smart Contract. Displaying characteristics of well-known hiring marketplaces, like Elance, Dragonchain helps you work with other engineers, developers, legal advisors, and cryptocurrency users on any steps of your blockchain-related projects. Customers can even utilize libraries of Smart Contract templates, which can be used to shorten the execution process and bring products to market more quickly.

Using all three elements, Dragonchain was certainly designed to grab people’s attention and spotlight the technological opportunities that blockchain can offer. The project was nominated for a Best of Disney Award back in 2016, and was also open sourced that year. According to Dragonchain’s website, a full platform roll-out is scheduled for the 2018 year.

When big companies start to take notice of blockchain technology, maybe it’s time for investors to look at it more closely also. Even though Disney is no longer involved with Dragonchain, due to it becoming open-sourced, the company’s participation in its development appears to serve as further confirmation that cryptocurrency, and the blockchain technology behind it, might just be here to stay.