Dry out that tub of ‘I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-concrete’ leftover mashed potatoes from KFC, put your leftover chicken bones inside and toss them on your kitchen table, cause we gonna go back into all sorts of weird with today’s Bitcoin Analysis.

Let’s take a quick look at some key levels here first


I should start by going into one non-Financial Astrology value area for the folks who think Financial Astrology is dumb. In the above image, we have the 360-degree Square of 9 level at 6801.3. This is naturally going to be one of the most difficult price levels for Bitcoin to cross above or below. Now let’s discuss the vertical lines.

There are some fantastic correlations between major price trends and astronomical phenomena. Bitcoin, in particular, has some of its major swings in the retrograde cycles of Mars and Uranus. But nearly all charts (whether it’s equities, futures, forex, etc) have strong responses to the slower moving planets when price both enters and exits a retrograde cycle. The same happens we a planet moves from one angle zone to another (we call those ‘signs’ – labels for degrees). The above image’s vertical lines represent the following:

  1. Gold Vertical Line – July 1st, Uranus exits Taurus
  2. Red Vertical Line – June 26th, Mars Retrograde
  3. Blue Vertical Line – June 28th, Mercury enters Leo
  4. Teal Vertical Line – June 18th, Teal Vertical Line

That is a pretty big collection of the ending and beginning of some transits and retrograde cycles. There’s another one coming up here in 4 days: Jupiter exits its retrograde cycle on the 10th of July.


One more thing to notice here is the current price action and it’s response to the thin red lines in the above image. Those thin red lines are Gann Planetary Lines and they represent the inner harmonic levels of the longitudinal position of Uranus. And if you’re wondering what those tiny little totem pole looking icons are, well, that’s probably the biggest deal.

Those little totem poles represent natal transits. Yea. Natal sounds weird. I mean it is an odd name. Proponents of Financial Astrology really need to do something about their nomenclature. For whatever reason, whenever I say or hear the word natal I always think of either a peach or a belly button. Anyway. Natal transits are aspects created based on the startdate of a company/stock/instrument. I used the registration date of bitcoin.org as the start date (August 18th, 2008). Those little totem pole symbols represent major triggers in price action, watch them.

And speaking of Bitcoin’s birthday, it’s coming up. The 10-year cycle is ending and if you follow Gann’s cycles, this is a friggin yuge’ deal. Whatever the price level is for Bitcoin between August 18th and December 22nd will more than likely be the new historical low value area.7618btc