LONDON: APRIL 27 2018—The advent of blockchain technology has brought many possibilities to humanity and the world, so much so, that the concept of money and work has been significantly redefined. Millennials are leading the way in creating a decentralized world economy with a redefined way of thinking where “work” has been reconceptualized, and the system of reward redefined.

The 21st century has been the most innovative yet with Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies being some of the stand-out innovations of our time. This technology and new digital currencies have provided millions around the globe with economic liberation and financial freedoms in many forms and ways. Projects on the Blockchain have cut across various industries, and all are aiming at one thing – the betterment of humanity.

It is for this reason that the Comedy Play Team has taken it upon itself to not only bring joy and laughter to the soul of anybody anywhere on the globe but they also aim to ensure that users earn an income through cryptocurrencies in their moments of Joy.

Comedy Play is a comedy media streaming platform where users can sign up for free and access either free or paid comedy contents. There will be a plethora of channels which will be made up of ‘Original Comedy Play Series,’ ‘third party streaming channels’ as well as channels owned by ‘globally recognized comedians and entertainers.’

Users can get to earn Comedy Play Tokens (CCP) by simply uploading funny videos or other forms of media that they have originally recorded or created and getting upvoted beyond the platform’s set threshold. Content owners can also enjoy earnings through an ad revenue sharing model with the company.

CCP tokens are ERC 20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that they are interoperable with other ERC 20 tokens and can be easily traded with other cryptocurrencies when they become available on exchanges.
The Comedy Play project is a unique one that holds a lot of promise for a wide section of the media enthusiastic market. And even though comedy is a niche market, it practically encompasses the whole of humanity as laughter is a basic human need.
The Pursuit of ‘Happyness’ transcends markets and this is what Comedy Play is all about.

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