For good or bad, everything in the cryptocurrency market generally rises with Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is doing well, so is everything else (mostly). If Bitcoin is crap, so is everything else. Now one of the great benefits of an entire asset class that moves together is that some things move faster and others move slower. Some things lag. And those are where significant profits are made. 

Identifying Aggregate Bull Market Structure

Observe the highlighted areas on the following alt coins:




The thing we need to look at is the structure that is shared between these two charts. Notice how it looks like a bowl, then there is a breakout: fast and large move of price, long candlesticks, etc. A great many charts show this. But they key is to find the ones that don’t have this structure. It’s one of the best secrets in this market: find the laggards and wait for their breakout. We have a number of those right now.










Therese are just some examples of coins that are exhibiting lagging moves compared to the rest of the market. This is a strategy I use myself and I have had significant success using it.