The word is out that eBay, one of the biggest e-commerce companies, may be thinking about allowing for payments via cryptocurrency. This is major news in the world of cryptocurrency.

Circulating news reports are saying that EBay is having serious conversations about allowing for digital currency payments, more specifically, Bitcoin payments.

In fact, the Senior Vice President of eBay Americas, Scott Cutler, has shared some information about this turn of events with Yahoo Finance, stating that the e-commerce giant is holding meetings in regards to becoming the largest business to accept digital currency to date.

“This is a trend that everybody is talking about, but sadly, at eBay, we don’t currently accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, Cutler explained. “We’re seriously considering it as these cryptocurrencies become more of a mainstream payment instrument, but we’re not quite there yet.”

The website already provides a secondary market for cryptocurrency mining devices, and many eBay users have already listed lots of other cryptocurrency-related items for sale on the site. So, it just stands to reason that the site would think about the option of paying with Bitcoin.

EBay isn’t sharing any concrete plans at this time, but the mere fact they are seriously considering the idea shines a light on how popular Bitcoin has become in mainstream society this year.

Bitcoin’s success is spilling over into other areas, with companies like Coinbase sitting in top place in the Apple Store last week, meaning investors were joining the Bitcoin revolution at a rapid pace.  In fact, they are jumping on so quickly that Coinbase has been having to handle constant outages caused by traffic overload.

Also helping in the boost, is the introduction of Bitcoin futures this week.  It opened up with success and has been doing well. Following in its heels, CME, the largest derivatives exchange will also begin trading Bitcoin futures next week, adding to the excitement even further.

Many other major companies have already accepted Bitcoin for a while, such as and Dish Network and Expedia, with great feedback from customers.  However, the acceptance of even bigger companies, such as Amazon or Ebay would really aid in showing the legitimacy of Bitcoin and helping to establish it as a regular mainstream form of currency.