Time is the catalyst for every movement in the market. Time is the catalyst for all political issues. Time is the catalyst for all reactions to these time-based events. Everything is a slave to time.

There are rare events in the markets where you get a smashing of multiple time frames into a small area. These kind of confluence zones cause historical changes in the trend and movement of markets. Sometimes those confluence zones of time effect only the instrument. Sometimes those confluence zones effect only the sector. Sometimes those confluence zones impact the entire financial markets. Every hour, from now (6 PM CST) until February 5th is important. Every hour we get closer to February 5th, the higher the probabilities of violent and powerful moves will be happening. And they are all related to time. I want to to discuss those time cycles now and how they relate to Bitcoin and the entire cryptocoin asset class.


Important Periods of Time.

  1. January 31st – This is a new cycle (not a New Moon Cycle) in the lunacy cycle. On the 31st of January we have a Full Moon. Not only that, it’s a supermoon. Gann stressed that if a market is at or near a swing low when we have a full moon, then the bias is towards that market being bullish for the next two-week cycle.
  2. January 26th – The CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) futures contract for Bitcoin expires this day.
  3. January 29th – This is the end and beginning of a major trade cycle for every cryptocurrency. Every cryptocurrency follows the same rhythm in time and responds to the same cyclic time pattern. This ending/beginning happens right before the 31st. When price approaches these major areas, trend changes often happen.
  4. Gann’s 45-day cycle – This is very important, probably the most important time event that Bitcoin has had since it started trading. I am very serious about this. Gann said that 45 days after an important major high or low, we have a strong, strong probability of markets reversing in trend. January 31st is EXACTLY 45-days from the all time high of Bitcoin back on December 12th, 2017. Gann called the 45-day cycle the ‘death zone’ because it often ended blow off movements and began major changes in trends. The 45-day cycle in Gann’s approach actually extends, he said, to 49 days. This becomes even more important with the next date.
  5. February 4th-5th – Gann called out calendar dates. When he did, he explained their importance in detail. February 4th-5th is exactly 45 days from December 21st-22nd. Extremely important market highs/lows are seen at this time. On the 45-day cycle, which can extend to 49 days, the 49th day from the all time high in Bitcoin ends on February 4th.

What does this all mean?

If I had to put a percentage on the probability of a move, I would say we have a 90% chance for a trend reversal to the upside. But we do need to be aware of the inverse probability. If we do not have a trend change, Gann said that a continued 45-day move south will happen, culminating with a 90-day time cycle and the end of the downtrend. However, the probabilities of that move are very small when compared to the current area.