Financial Astrology has nothing to do with how you can get that Libra you think is so hawt to fall in love with you. It has nothing to do with horoscopes or chicken bones or Madame Cleo.
Financial Astrology is a study of the longitudinal location of planets in the sky, identifying those angles and recording market behavior and human behavior.
Or, as the great Larry Pesavento put it: Financial Astrology is: “A correlation to the positions of a planet in its orbit to the behavior of the financial markets.’


Important Future Retrograde Cycle
Venus goes retrograde from October 5th to November 16th. Markets, especially equity markets, have a strong probability of being volatile and dangerous during this cycle. Bitcoin has historically seen strong growth during this period.

Near-Term Danger Zone
There is a collection of really, really crappy and negative things coming up – it’s really a collection of suck into a two day period. Anytime you get a whole bunch of astrological phenomena jam-packed into a tight date range, yucky things happen (or awesome things happen). In this case, depending on the market(s) you trade – it’s really really horrible.

There is a Full Moon September 24th.

Mercury is in Libra from September 21st – the 24th.

The Moon and Chiron form a Conjunct aspect on September 24th. This aspect blows. At least it doesn’t show up that often, but when it does, it’s often a pretty yucky market. Fear, rejection and abandonment are the qualities in the market when this beast shows up.

Vesta exits Capricorn on the 24th.

Futures expire on September 19th.

The Fall Equinox starts on September 23rd (special thanks to @ForexDreams for the reminder!) – this is also where Gann’s Square of 9 completes a full 360-degree rotation and we start over again at 0-degrees.

September 18th – and this is the big one – Venus has a division of 36-degrees tomorrow – if it’s a swing low (which it looks like it will be) then the probability of a bounce is huge. This is the same swing relation to my post on August 27th.

Long story short: Bitcoin has some very important positive swing dates ahead. But ugly yucky equity markets ahead. But real poo doesn’t hit the fan until 2020-2021. That’s when we get to see total global capitulation. Hooray for panic phases.



I do want to point out a very interesting chart here, Bitinfex’s BTCUSDSHORTS.


BTCUSDHORTS is sitting at a descending triple top, which is also near the all-time highs for this chart. But there’s a crap ton of key resistance there (support for Bitcoin). However, a cup and handle formation (which is bullish) is showing so there could be a big breakout for the short traders – which would more than likely be a blow-off move and we would see a big rally in Bitcoin.