It’s been a while since I’ve done a review of what is in front of us with Astro cycles – and there’s a significant cluster of stuff in front of us. It’s the second major culmination since we started this reversal and consolidation range back in May. Again, Financial Astrology is not about how to get that Libra you work with to fall in love with you, a Cancer. It’s about the correlation of planetary positions and/or angles to the behavior in financial markets. It is the process of observing what is going on in the sky while observing what is going on on the Earth and then correlating the two events. Thousands of years of records to support the probabilities of a certain behavior. 

My wife made a good point last night when I joked with her about trading and she said I was doing well and I said, ‘Past performance is not indicative of future results,’ as a joke, because I’ve certainly had very bad months. Then she said, ‘in my field past performance is the only way to predict future behavior.’ She’s a psychologist (a PsyD – legit Doctor of Psychology) and she’s my wife – she’s crazy smart. What she said really corroborates the effectiveness of Financial Astrology. Anyway.



There is a metric ton of things that all happen between August 23rd and August 26th. Because we are these swing lows, it’s important to notice the confluence of these cycles.

  1. The orange box represents the Mars Retrograde cycle it ends that cycle on 26th.
  2. There is a Full Moon on the 26th, Moon Apogee on the 23rd and the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd.
  3. Two trine aspects of the Sun: Uranus Trine Sun, Saturn Trine Sun

Probably the most important thing to identify here, and the easiest thing to take away from Financial Astrology is that when a whole bunch of astrological events appear during the start of a moon phase, things happen. And that is exactly what we see in front of us going into Friday and the weekend. The Mars Retrograde cycle is a massive mover of the crypto market – reviewing what happens when prices move into and out of this cycle cause some of the biggest moves in the history of Bitcoin. Additionally, the Sun moves into Virgo. When planets change ‘signs’ they can often be correlated to big moves. But the two aspects on this chart are what I really want to focus on. There are 2 trine aspects that appear on the same day. Trine angles are considered the most beneficial angles in Financial Astrology. The behavior of historical price action with many trine aspects is associated with great ease and fortune. We generally see positive outcomes and ‘easy’ moves. But the two aspects themselves have their own associated behaviors, we’ll also analyze the Sun in Virgo transit.

Uranus Trine Sun: easy progress and changes, excitement in technology and science, not idle

Saturn Trine Sun: smooth and significant progress toward goals

Sun in Virgo: overcoming negative sentiment, struggle to find balance, possible increase in volatility

Ok Madame Cleo, what does it mean?

I leave a lot of the interpretation of ‘behaviors’ to others. This is what I know: we’re at a market low, we’re in a consolidative range, we have record negativity in sentiment and we have a whole crap ton of astrological phenomena showing up within 2 days of each other. That’s a signal for a major increase in activity.