In this article, we review some of the ins-and-outs of one of the most recent entrants into the bitcoin sportsbook field, FortuneJack. The industry-standard crypto casino giant launched a highly-competitive, thorough operation earlier this year. The result is unsurprisingly fantastic.

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Getting the Most out of FortuneJack’s Bitcoin Sportsbook


If you hadn’t noticed already, here at Coin Clarity we’re quite the fan of FortuneJack, which is why we were thrilled to learn they had launched their own sportsbook earlier this year. Having been in operation since 2014 and consistently rated as one of the best crypto casinos around, FortuneJack delivers a user-friendly, secure and high-quality gambling experience unlike any of its competitors in the industry.  Not only does FortuneJack’s casino accept a diverse selection of coins for deposit (BTC, ETH, DOGE, XMR, DASH, LTC, ZEC, BCH and TRX), but they offer instant, free-fee withdrawals and responsive 24/7 customer service as well (however, it should be noted that the FJ sportsbook is currently BTC only, for the time being).

We don’t like to recommend casinos that have anything less than a stellar reputation. After proving themselves as being extremely competent over the course of their 5+ years in business, we are confident in absolutely recommending FortuneJack to new and experienced crypto gamblers alike, as they have demonstrated that taking care of their customers and retaining their business is of the utmost importance to them. Whether you are a casual gambler or a high roller, FortuneJack is ready to cater to your individual needs and you will be hard pressed to find a better user experience elsewhere.

In addition to having one of the largest selection of casino-type games (including a dizzying variety of slots, table games and a live casino), FortuneJack opened up a sportsbook earlier this year, and right off the bat it was loaded with events, bonus options, and traffic as well.

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Event Selection

FortuneJack’s events are broken into 3 categories: All Sports, Live in-Play, and Virtual Sports.

In the All Sports category, you will find:

  • Soccer (70+ leagues — possibly the biggest selection of any bitcoin sportsbook)
  • Tennis (6 leagues)
  • Basketball (13 leagues)
  • Football (3 leagues)
  • Baseball (3 leagues)
  • Hockey (21 leagues)
  • Cricket (5 leagues)
  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Field Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • Billiards (pool, snooker)
  • Skiing

This list also includes some esoteric “others,” including bets on political, television and social events. These events can be filtered by time from the event in order to weed out events that are either starting too soon or far in the future.

FortuneJack’s live betting is particularly unique in that they offer an immediate “cashout” option that allows a player to cash a bet out even while the event is still underway. This is allows you to lock in profits, even if they are discounted from the full amount had the bet run until the event’s completion.

Virtual Sports are simulated games that take on an appearance similar to a video game, but are a bit more complex, and do not depend on human players. They are 100% computer-driven and their odds are the result of pure mathematical calculations, with the results never straying outside of the given odds.


Bonuses, Features and Promotions

One thing that FortuneJack has been known for is its generous bonus offerings. This tradition carries over to their sportsbook as well. The most popular promotions currently offered to FortuneJack’s sportsbook users include:

Double Welcome Bonus. Enable this bonus to get 2x the amount of your first wager in FortuneJack’s sportsbook as a “freebet.” For example, if you place a bet for 5 mBTC, you will then be awarded a free bet amount of 10 mBTC that you can place on a future wager. If you are interested in receiving a bonus, be sure to activate it before making your first deposit.

Control Your Game. This refers to a collection of exclusive features offered by FortuneJack which aren’t found in many (or any) other sportsbooks. Among them are the ability to replace already-placed bets for free, allowing you to deleting bets that were added in error or otherwise misunderstood, and a “cashout” feature which allows you to cash out a betslip even before the event has ended.

Mines Freebet. If you are interesting at getting another chance after losing a bet, you can take part in the Mines Freebet promotion. After losing a single bet (from 1 mBTC up to 20 mBTC in size), FortuneJack gives its sportsbook players the option of playing their own version of the “mines” (minesweeper) game to win a free bet worth the same amount of the losing bet.

FortuneJack also has seasonal bonuses and specials so be sure to check back frequently to take part in their latest promotional offerings.


Now for a breakdown of the “pros” and “cons” of the FortuneJack sportsbook.


  • Good odds (low margins). Since FortuneJack has been around for a while and runs quite a sizeable operation, they can offer better odds than many other sportsbooks. For example, on a bet that has 50-50 odds, they offer a payout of 1.94x, which equals a relatively generous overround of 3%. In comparison, many other sportsbooks will offer only a 1.91x or 1.92x payout on a bet with 50-50 odds, meaning they are taking a higher percentage of juice or vig for each bet.
  • Flexible betting options. In addition to having the basic money lines and over/unders, FortuneJack has a wide array of betting options that allow its players to make more specific bets than can usually be found at other sportsbooks. Some of these include halftime results (or other time periods), first team/player to score, combinations (such as home team and draw, home team and under, etc.), and several different types of handicaps.
  • Fast deposit and withdrawal times. FortuneJack requires only 1 confirmation for a deposit, which means you can get started making bets in as little as 10-15 minutes after sending your BTC. It should be noted that while any amount of BTC can be deposited at a time, the minimum bet for any event is 1 mBTC (or 0.001 BTC). Withdrawal processing times are near instant, except in the case of rare circumstances where they must be manually reviewed.


  • Not suitable for mobile devices. As of now, the FortuneJack sportsbook does not work well on mobile devices. You will most likely have to do an awful lot of scrolling to locate events and place wagers if you are limited to usage of a cell phone or tablet.
  • Rollover requirement. It is worth noting that FortuneJack has a 50% rollover requirement for sports bets, meaning that you will have to wager at least 50% of your deposit amount before you can withdraw the entire amount. For example, it you deposit 10 mBTC, you will need to make at least 5 mBTC in wagers before you can successfully perform a withdrawal.
  • Bitcoin-only sportsbook. As we previously mentioned, you can gamble in FortuneJack’s main casino with any one of 9 different coins, but when it comes to sportsbook wagering only BTC is accepted. This could potentially be to the fact that their sportsbook is still rather a recent addition and they are waiting to iron out all the kinks before accepting other coins as betting options.

Whether you are new to the world of BTC sports gambling or a veteran, a high roller or low, we can pretty much guarantee that FortuneJack has everything to suit your needs. There is perhaps no finer operation more worthy of your coins at the moment, as FortuneJack is set to dominate the sportsbook business just as they have done with their casino business.

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