In this article, we explain how to get more bang for your BTC when playing crypto casino slots games. This revolves around a statistical calculation known as Return to Player, or RTP, and knowing which slots have higher ones will not only make your deposit last longer but increase your odds of winning big scores as well.

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Highest RTP Bitcoin Slots of 2019


Now that the idea of bitcoin and crypto casinos has been around for a while, there are literally over 1,000 different slot machine games from which to choose. From emulations of classic 3-wheel slot machines to eye-popping graphics and animations, the advent of crypto gaming has taken the idea of slots gaming to a whole other level. The most popular categories of slots include:

  • Classic slots: digital recreations of well-known slots formats, usually involving cherries, diamonds, or “bars”
  • Video slots: games that feature animations before and/or during gameplay
  • 3D slots: the newest generation of slots games that place a heavy emphasis on graphics
  • Progressive slots: games that feature a jackpot or a jackpot option with a huge payout potential

Even though some slots are definitely more entertaining to play than others – depending on what your personal preference may be – your odds of winning on them may actually be less than other slot games that might not seem as entertaining or graphically stimulating.

If you’re not a long-time player of bitcoin or crypto slots, then you may not be aware of what Return to Player (RTP) means, which is why we decided to write an article explaining not only what it means but how to take advantage of known statistics to improve your slot gambling winnings, and therefore make your crypto casino experience just a little bit more enjoyable.

What is Return to Player (RTP)?

RTP, as applied to slot games, is a statistic that represents the percentage of funds bet that are returned to a player after a significant number of spins.­­ As an example, if a slots game has an RTP of 95%, this means that on average, $100 worth of bets will yield $95 in payouts. However, this will not always be the case due to a statistical property called variance. ­­It is when this variance occurs in the positive direction that slots players find themselves encountering profits.

The formula to calculate the RTP for a slots game can be described as follows:

RTP = the total amount of funds returned to players divided by the total amount of funds bet by players.

  • The total amount of funds bet by players refers to the grand total of each bet per spin per player for a specific amount of time (usually this is about 30 days time, or one calendar month).
  • The total amount of funds returned to player refers to the net amount won by each player over the same period of time.

Usually, this involves combining the payouts of several thousand spins with the total amount bet across those spins. The inverse of an RTP can be thought of as the “house edge,” so if a slot machine has an advertised RTP of 96%, this means that the casino has a house edge of 4%. Of course, all casinos exist to make profits, so you will never find a slots game with an RTP of 100% (or higher). However, there are some that come pretty darn close, making it much more likely that you may cross over into that positive variance (and profitable) territory.

Because crypto casino slots are programmed using auditable software that insures they do what they say they are doing, there is a greater degree of fairness in crypto slots than in brick-and-mortar casino slots. Nobody can really know for sure what is going on behind the screen of a physical slot machine, but crypto slots software comes pre-packaged with advertised odds and RTPs.

The highly programmable nature of crypto slots also means their particular RTPs can be extremely fine-tuned, down to the 100th of 1%. As a rule of thumb, it is suggested that you look for slots that have an RTP of 96% or higher. This information can usually be gleaned from a simple Google search, by searching for the name of slot game, plus the terms “bitcoin slots” and “RTP.” 96% is pretty standard for the bitcoin slots industry; ones above this mark can be considered to have “high returns,” and ones below 96% are therefore “low return” slots.

Which Slots Have the Highest RTPs?

If you are looking for a way to make your crypto casino deposit last just a little bit longer, here is a list of a few of the slots games with the highest RTPs, and where to find them. ­The casinos mentioned herein are among our very favorites, mainly because they are highly trustworthy, highly competent enterprises that have been in the business for a number of years and built up a solid reputation as well as a loyal fan base.

The Catfather – 98.1% RTP (available at FortuneJack)

Jokerizer – 98% RTP (available at

Fortune Dogs – 98% RTP (available at Betcoin Casino)

Ragnarök – 98% RTP (available at BitStarz)

Good Girl, Bad Girl – 97.8% RTP (available at mBit Casino)

Fire Lightning – 97.61% RTP (available at BetChain)

At the Copa – 97.42% RTP (available at FortuneJack)

Greedy Goblins – 97.4% RTP (available at mBit Casino)

Domnitors Deluxe – 97.31% RTP (available at FortuneJack)

Slotomon Go – 97.13% RTP (available at BetChain)


Which Slots Have the Lowest RTPs?

Conversely, here is a list of some of the lowest-paying crypto slots that should probably be avoided, regardless of how flashy they look or their advertised jackpot potential.

Outta Space – 89.01% RTP

Enchanted – 89.4% RTP

Relic Raiders – 90% RTP

Arrival – 92.26% RTP

Gladiator – 92.7% RTP

Royal Reels – 92.93% RTP

Mr Vegas – 93.6% RTP

Rockstar – 93.84% RTP

Alkemors Tower – 94.7% RTP

The Golden Owl of Athena – 95% RTP


A Couple of Slot Playing Tips

In order to help make your crypto deposit last the maximum amount of time possible, there are a few basic things you can do to minimize your losses. This includes not playing at the jackpot slots, as these tend to have lower RTPs than regular slots games. You may be tempted at the sight of a big payout, but your odds of winning the payout are so slim that lower odds of winning regular prizes are not offset by the rare instances when someone wins a jackpot.

You can also save your winnings by quitting while you are ahead, and not spinning the reel too many times. After all, the odds are always in the house’s favor, so the more times you play, the more you are likely to lose. Of course, losses can also be minimized by sticking with slots with the highest RTPs, so it’s always a good idea to check the RTP of a slot before deciding to play.