HydroCoin (HYC)

STEINHAM, GERMANY: APRIL 2—HydroCoin was born in 2017 in Germany. It is created through Smart Contract, written in Solidity and uploaded to the Ethereum Blockchain. With an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) starting in on April 1st, 2018, HydroCoin will be available for the huge community of clean, sustainable and eco-friendly energy. Currently, HydroCoin is in the preICO stage, offering a 10% discount to early investors. The preICO ends on March 31st, 2018.

As an energy-related ICO based in Germany, HydroCoin becomes very famous and get supporters from all over the world. Since it is not only a financing instrument for sustainable energy facilities but a unique way to change the consciousness for fuel, gas and similar form of energy.

HydroCoin differs from other coins. It has at least three main characteristics, which are worth to think about:

  1. Tradable value: If you invest in HYC, you automatically receive them from the Smart Contract. There is no human influence by sending HydroCoins to the investor. After closing ICO end of September 2018 it is planned to get listed on different marketplaces. Price of HYC will depend on bid and ask in the market.
  2. Certificate for gas stations: This specific characteristic is the most discussed one. There are three different grades of certificates, indicating the amount of renewable source, expressed by different colors of HYC (blue, green, grey). Blue color indicates 100% , green 50-99%, grey 35-50%.
  3. Payment solution: HYC will be the most famous payment system for purchasing fuel, gas, energy from renewable sources etc. Raiden network is our cooperation partner for quick and easy payment cases at stations.

HydroCoin will use the money to build up an infrastructure with certified gas-stations and also own gas-stations through our franchise-model. Each gas-station will become a hub in the new network for our payment-solution.

HydroCoin will also financially support new technologies for clean production of renewable fuels. The subsidized technology will primarily be available to the HydroCoin infrastructure.

Owner of the HydroCoin ICO is Hydrogen Future Foundation, a non-profit-foundation.

HydroGenial will be the first project, supported by HydroCoin. Via AER technology (AER = Absorption Enhanced Reforming), agricultural residues get reformed to synthetic gas, after another production step, to RNG or Hydrogen.

If you are interested in investing in HydroCoin, visit our website, which is already available in several languages.


Hydrogen Future Foundation Interim UG

c/o Heiko Schumann

Am Sonnenberg 22

63456 Hanau