Empleos.io (Concluded)

Jobs Marketplace Powered By Blockchain

  • ICO Date 2018-09-15 - 2018-12-05

  • Focus Business services

  • Platform NEM

  • Price 1 PLEO = 0.5 USD

  • Token PLEO

Empleos.io ICO Overview

Empleos.io has a strong grounding of use of its utility token PLEO as a mean of employers payments and candidates earnings. Competitors projects have little to zero justification of their tokens except for fundraising.
Empleos advantages:

  • Employers save costs: no need to buy access to resumes databases for employers, they just pay a small fee in PLEO tokens directly to appropriate job seekers.
  • Job seekers earn: candidates have an opportunity to earn PLEO tokens even if they are not looking for a job right now, they just let potential employers have their direct contacts and improve their resume quality.
  • No fake resumes: Machine Learning algorithms will clean the resume database from spam, scam or duplicates and ensure their quality.
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