HydroCoin ( Pre-Sale )

Clean energy for the blockchain era

Coins Accepted:
  • ICO Date 2018-04-01 - 2018-09-30

  • Focus Cryptocurrency

  • Platform Ethereum

  • Price 1 HYC = 0.001 ETH

  • Token HYC

HydroCoin ICO Overview

HydroCoin will be the first cryptocurrency for the blockchain community empowering the hydrogen industry. It enables the blockchain community to participate on hydrogen technologies. It will be an unique way to invest in companies, projects and new technologies for hydrogen production. It is the first cryptocurrency coin to build a new decentralized system of clean energy production. Hydrocoin is the first token that is more than a tradeble crypto-currency: it is also a certificate for clean renewable fuels, and a currency to purchase clean fuels at certified stations.

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