Omnitude (Main-Sale)

A blockchain middleware layer

Coins Accepted:
  • ICO Date 2018-03-28 - 2055-05-31

  • Focus Communication

  • Platform Ethereum

  • Price 1 ECOM = 0.46 USD

  • Token ECOM

Omnitude ICO Overview

Be part of the blockchain revolution in eCommerce and beyond!

Omnitude is a radical concept in blockchain eco-systems. Utilising Omnitude as an integration layer between existing systems enables rapid deployment of blockchain technology without the need to replace current systems.

Coin Clarity Analysis:

Omnitude goes beyond the single solution blockchain application with a much more holistic vision. While their eCommerce middleware solutions are adding value and efficiency to a billion dollar industry, they are also pushing forward the general population’s adoption and use of blockchain technology by creating a blockchain ecosystem.

So, how does this blockchain middleware layer work? The middleware plug and play blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric. What makes Hyperledger such a great choice for mass integration, is that it can be used across any and all eCommerce platforms and is easy to integrate—best of all, it is cost effective. CMS, ERP, and WMS integration can often take several months and can budgetary strain on companies, Omnitude combats that issue outright, making this particular blockchain application for eCommerce retailers very appealing.

From supply chain to online retail platform, Omnitude is integrating blockchain technology to provide affordable solutions from end-to-end, not just for platforms, but for manufacturers and consumers too.

Here is how: 

  • Transparency 

Omnitude’s first step is to create transparency within the online retail sector by providing manufacturer records and provenance. This will help prevent fraud and imitation, ensuring that consumers are getting the genuine goods they have purchased and protecting the brand value.

  • Security 

Another issue that plagues the eCommerce world is fraud in the form of identity theft. Omnitude’s Single Identity and Single Reputation will reduce and prevent fraudulent purchases under false identities.

  • Efficiency 

Payment gateways are one of the biggest obstacles to affordable prices. Omnitude can help retail platforms deliver lower costs to consumers thanks to cryptocurrency-based payment methods.

The future of Omnitude looks bright, they are thinking vertically when it comes to their blockchain applications, rather than focusing on one very specific problem, they aim to solve all problems in an ever-present supply chain. The project evolved out of an already existing and successful eCommerce agency that has experienced the problems first hand that it seeks to solve.

Thanks to their past in eCommerce, they have existing relationships and a base of enterprises who are excited for Omnitude to launch and are ready to integrate. Additionally, their invaluable collaboration with Swisscom Blockchain AG will allow for their project to grow beyond an idea and be delivered successfully. Omnitude not only has a great concept with effective solutions in an untapped market, they have the infrastructure to execute.


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