Uchit (Concluded)

Global Decentralize Network to Communicate

Coins Accepted:
  • ICO Date 2018-05-01 - 2018-05-30

  • Focus Communication

  • Platform Ethereum

  • Price 1 ETH = 4500 UCHT

  • Token UCHT

Uchit ICO Overview

Uchit introduces a hub of communication and collaborative tools for both Individuals, Professionals and Business Entities which isn’t available with existing tools.

Well firstly its based on blockchain technology, and the second thing is – it will contain all the tools at one place. You need text/voice/video chat/file sharing, programming collaboration, team-based chat/file sharing, webinars etc. We got you covered in everything.

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  1. ICO on June 13, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    Can you explain how you raised 16 millions but there is no reccords? Your reccords only show less than $ 23 dollars in sales so far for 12 transactions – 3 addresses.

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