Crowd Machine is creating the Crowd Computer, the next generation of decentralized blockchain applications powered by a peer-to-peer network of Crowd Virtual Machines (“CVM”). With a strong focus on community, it is no surprise that the app execution engine is powered by the people, for the people.

To put it in the simplest terms…Crowd Machine wants to use, generally unused hardware and bandwidth and create a decentralized app development and hosting platform.

What are the perks of being a Crowd Machine Community member?

Anyone who uses the Crowd Machine technology to join forces with their peers to become the most advanced distributed network, can be either an App Author (those who make the apps) or an App Processor (those who use their devices to run the apps). Both are not only paid to participate, but they also get to enjoy all of the benefits of being part of the CVM.

As a Crowd Machine community member, you are able to contribute source code to the Crowd Share repository. Every single time source code is consumed and executed on the Crowd Computer, the community member who had originally contributed the code is compensated. This serves to empower code contributors and works to incentivize innovation and technological solutions.

What is the basic technology behind Crowd Machine?

Crowd Machine uses a highly capable decentralized Cloud with software app creation technology, which enables developers of all levels to create blockchain and decentralized apps at 45x the speed of other available approaches. This is possible thanks to blockchain agnostic, which allows apps to be created that leverage any blockchain. Crowd Machine allows all apps created to integrate with already existing smart contracts for increased contract functionality.

Crowd Machine’s technology has been tested and used by Fortune 500 companies like: General Electric, KONE, and AON Hewitt.

Want to participate in Crowd Machine’s Crowdsale?

To find out more information visit Crowd Machine’s ICO Profile or visit Crowd Machine’s Websites.