A Decentralized Media Revolution Based on Ethereum

Decibels is a blockchain solution to music and media encryptions and their delivery. This isn’t another utility token of the future, it is a product for a community that will improve your life now. Decibels is leaving the blockchain development to Cardano and Ethereum while they are focusing on developing a media-based decentralized application to work with those developments.

How can Decibels improve your life?

Music and media files overwhelm virtual storage areas and the ability to torrent and pirate information has made keeping these files on devices unsafe. For the consumer, the issue is the security vulnerabilities consuming media brings to their technology. For creators, it is leaks and pirating that are detrimental to the value of the art and media they have produced. Leaks innately lower the worth of entertainment, harming creators. Decibels wants to lead a music/media revival by integrating security, scalability, and speed of the blockchain network to bring in a new digital era of music/media sales and advertising.

Based on the speed and continued growth of the Ethereum Network, Decibels seeks to secure a personal experience within a perfect ecosystem that allows for growth in the media world.

How will Decibels decentralize the value of media?

Decibels serves to bridge the gap between creator and audience by introducing a market-model to the media industry, meaning that creators can make their own content markets to give their fans, audiences, and communities a way to determine their own worth. Decentralizing the value of media content will be beneficial to creators and consumers.

Decibels is designed to mitigate, and eventually, remove the worry of piracy and media theft. Key developments for hardware, software, and a digital application will be implemented with the aid of the ICO. The end benefitcreating a secure media exchange that will be transferable via a Wallet Address to all your associated devices.

Who is the target audience?

Decibels is designed by creators, for creators. It is made for musicians, artists, designers, directors, developers, producers, filmmakers, journalists, authors, doctors, architects, and media lovers, right on down to the average college student.

The Decibels Team

Decibels is a multicultural and international development team with a dedication to innovation and a new kind of customer service. Based in both Northern America and Asia, Decibels is constantly growing to reach every corner of the globe from Central and South America to Africa to the United Kingdom and more. The Founder and Developer has been interested in cryptocurrency and creating personal Dapp samples since 2015. They are ready to execute the development goals on their roadmap to start a decentralized media renaissance. 

About Decibel’s ICO Sale

Decibels’ ICO sale is from March 1 – May 10 and will have three constantly progressing amounts and time frames within that period. The purpose of having stages is to introduce fair market rates once the coin enters the 13 different (already applied for) exchanges. This will prevent the market value from being diminished after any initial sell-offs.


For more information about the crowdsale visit Decibels’ ICO profile or Decibels.io