World’s first Securities Token Ecosystem enable financing, investing and trading on the blockchain. Equitybase is a commercial real estate ecosystem that allows developers and fund managers to offer asset backed investment opportunities directly to investors on a global scale. Equitybase allows worldwide access to project assessment, credit valuation and more all on the blockchain. The platform lowers barriers of entry for issuers to launch security tokens by bridging the gap between traditional securities and blockchain-based asset ownership.

This will foster economic growth and make opportunities available to more people in more locations all over the world. The securities industry is a multi-trillion dollar one, by bringing it to blockchain, it opens up opportunities that have been previously inaccessible for much of the population. The Equitybase platform uses smart contract technologies in the commercial real estate sector and capital market to dissolve previous obstacles to entry.

How does it work?

Investments will be fully liquid and users can invest into the economic rights of a property, backed by the physical real estate assets. Users can then trade or liquidate their holdings. Equitybase has 2 main platforms: Equity Invest and Equity Exchange.

Equity Invest is based on Ethereum smart contracts that represent the property acquisition. Through the smart contracts, sponsors can fundraise for their new projects or investment funds, much like existing real estate crowdfunding sites. Investors could then make a profit from rental income in addition to profit from capital events divided among participating investors and sponsors. The second platform, Equity Exchange gives investors a way to buy and sell asset holdings on investment made on Equity Invest. The exchange enables fractional trading of assets or funds.

To ensure liquidity for platform users, Equity Reserve acts as a pool to continuously enable investors to liquidate their holdings whenever they want with a guarantee buy back on the exchange. The reserve will be held in a multi-sig wallet.

How to participate in Equitybase’s crowdsale?

360 Million BASE tokens will be minted and no additional will be made after that. The seed round of their sale raised $300,00 and their private sale was able to raise $2,500,000. Equitybase is currently in the 3rd stage of their ICO. To purchase BASE tokens visit Equitybase’s website or find out more information on Coin Clarity’s Equitybase ICO listing.