Fiancia’s vision is to be the most efficient, reliable, authentic, accurate, and trusted TV channel and trading platform in the world. This channel would be the first of it’s kind, completely dedicated to all things cryptocurrency and crypto technologies. Now that cryptocurrency is globally ubiquitous, with millions of investors worldwide, cryptocurrency needs its own media outlets. Finacia’s copy trading platform would provide a place for people to go and invest and engage.

How do a TV Channel and Platform work together?

The TV Channel and platform would work to support one another, creating a unique tool for investors. On Fiancia’s copy trading platform, professionals and part-time traders or even newbies can develop trading plans and strategies for better success. Other investors will be able to look at different traders and replicate their trades. Meaning, that nonprofessional investors could piggyback on professional traders so they could learn how to invest more strategically.

The TV channel dedicated to all crypto and blockchain technology content will help traders, programmers, and techies get live updates any time of day. The channel would be available in 180 different countries.

How is the copy trading system different?

The copy trading system is fully controlled, reliable, and user-friendly. The platform will offer access to more than 3000 cryptocurrencies. Users would also be able to participate in a social network where stakeholders and groups can share their viewpoints or share news or other media links. The exchange would feature a fast Withdrawal Processing system using Fiancia VIsa Cards, Merchants and Bank wire without any consideration of limits.

Want to find out more about Fiancia Coin?

There Pre-ICO is now live from now until March 31st. For more information please visit Fiancia Coin’s Coin Clarity Listing or Fiancia’s website.