FTEC is an intelligent ecosystem of neural networks that makes trading easy. Whether you are a crypto novice or day-trading expert, FTEC is integrating their already established products like the adaptive social assistant or trading history analyzer to make your trading process more organized, intelligent, and streamlined.

How is FTEC different?

Yes, there are many crypto portfolios that claim to be intelligent and have neat features, but there has yet to be one place where all tools combine on one interface. That is why FTEC is proud to announce the first every trading cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The ecosystem’s main purpose is to provide the necessary tools to users of all levels of experience and knowledge in the field. FTEC works to save time, conduct effective trading activities, and minimize risk while maximizing opportunity.

What are some of the features FTEC plans to include?

There will be both a mobile app and a desktop app for users to use FTEC at their greatest convenience, part of the functionality can even be used offline. The Telegram Assistant is a program module that allows traders to interact through Telegram messenger interface. The Module of Price Notification is a program solution that lets the trader know about achieving the set price values.

There is basic portfolio management for creating and tracking stats, in addition to a global price analyzer that finds investors the most profitable offers on exchanges with the lowest rates. And those are just some of the feature FTEC has to offer. There are educational modules, options for higher level market and behavioral analysis, trading recommendations, an arbitrage assistant, a news tracker, exchange order management, a smart auto-trading system, and more. FTEC is working to build a one-stop ecosystem for cryptocurrency traders. 

FTEC’s Crowdsale

The sale starts April 4th 2018 14:00 GMT.

To purchase, sell and store FTEC tokens you need an Ethereum address, as the token is built on the Ethereum blockchain. To participate in the Token Sale you can use: Ethereum, MyEtherWallet or Mist

Buying FTEC tokens is prohibited for US residents.

To find out more information visit FTEC’s Coin Clarity ICO profile or FTEC’s website.